Sitting in the heart of North America, the central province of Saskatchewan is the undiscovered treasure of Canada. Defined by its prairie lands, aboriginal heritage, spectacular wildlife and unequalled hospitality, the Heartlands slow the pace of this magical country.

Saskatchewan’s swaying wheat fields and rolling prairie lands set the scene for an outdoor adventure, whatever your enjoyment. There are so many lakes and rivers, that fishing, canoeing and boating are all common pastimes. Back on dry land, the two national, 34 provincial and 110 regional parks are a haven for birds and wildlife encouraging hiking and biking in warmer months and skiing, snowmobiling and sledging in the winter months. The province's history spans from the criminal world to that of law enforcement. The outlaw Butch Cassidy's roots trace back to the Big Muddy Lake region in southern Saskatchewan and you can visit the cave hideouts where stolen horses were hidden. There’s also a network of tunnels under the streets of Moose Jaw left behind by the gangsters, bootleggers and rumrunners from the 1920's prohibition era. The extreme of this historical criminal activity is clearly visible at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy and Centenial Museum showcasing the world’s largest collection of Mountie artefacts. Saskatchewan’s history and culture are an important part of its progression. Four Western Development Museums in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Yorkton and North Battleford pay tribute to its pioneers and immigrants.



Average Max/Min temperatures °c
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Regina -11/-22 -9/-21 -2/-13 10/-3 19/3 23/8 27/11 26/10 20/4 12/-2 -1/-11 -8/-18
Flight duration from the UK: Regina 11 hours
Saskatchewan time zone: GMT minus(-)6 hours
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