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Baie Saint Paul

  • Baie Saint Paul

    The birthplace of internationally renowned Cirque du Soleil, Baie Saint-Paul with its more than 85 century-old homes sits in a lovely valley, offering a spectacular view of île aux Coudres, and still attracts artists today.

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    With its prosperous, holiday atmosphere and its location among wood-covered hills at the meeting of the St Lawrence and Gouffre Rivers, Baie Saintt-Paul is one of the North Shore's most appealing towns.

    A great way to discover Baie Saint-Paul, one of Quebec’s oldest towns is to stroll along its narrow streets lined with quaint boutiques and over 30 art galleries and studios. Stop for a lunch or dinner in one of the historic houses converted into superb restaurants

    Outdoor activities are plentiful including hiking, snowmobiling and golfing.

Baie-Saint-Paul’s major attractions are the Carrefour culturel Paul-Médéric (Paul-Médéric’s art centre”), Maison René-Richard (René-Richard’s Home) and Musée d’art contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul (“Baie-Saint-Paul’s museum of contemporary arts”)

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