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Important Information About Your Rental

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  • Important Information About Your Rental

    • Take the open road at your own pace


    • Car rental


    • Most cars have automatic tranmission and air-conditioning


    • Visit the attractions


    Personal Protection Insurance
    This is an optional extra which provides cover in the event of injury or death to the driver or passengers, plus protection of personal possessions from theft, loss or damage. Your holiday travel insurance may give you adequate cover, therefore, we recommend that you ascertain your need for this insurance before you collect your vehicle, as once accepted, it is non-refundable.

    Rental Terms
    Cars are reserved by category, not by specific make, model or engine size. Alamo reserves the right to substitute similar or larger cars at no extra rental charge. Most cars have automatic transmission and air-conditioning.

    Airport Arrival
    In cities where Alamo does not have a rental counter inside the airport terminal, a courtesy shuttle service, which generally leaves from outside the baggage claim area, will transport you directly to the Alamo depot.

    Rental Charges
    All rentals are based on the 24-hour clock. So, if the vehicle is collected at 6pm on July 1st for a two week period, it must be returned to the rental location no later than 6pm on July 15th. A grace period of only 29 minutes is granted. Late returns will be charged at Alamo’s local tariff.

    Underage Drivers
    All drivers must be aged 21 years or over (18 years in New York & Michigan, and 25 in Newfoundland and selected British Columbia locations). However additional fees apply if under 25 years, and all drivers must carry a full valid driving licence from their country of residence. Drivers aged 21-24 years incur up to an additional US$57 / CAD$25 per driver per day. Drivers must be 25 years or older to rent a large van with a seating capacity of 10 or more and certain speciality vehicles.

    Additional Drivers
    At the time of pick up all passengers intending to drive the car must be present and provide their driver’s licence. An additional fee of US$9.99 per driver per day is payable (if not included in your rental) and only authorised drivers listed on the Alamo rental agreement are permitted to drive the vehicle.

    Partially Used Rentals
    We are unable to offer refunds for a car rental that has not been used in its entirety.

    Global Positioning System
    Alamo offers the option of pre-booking GPS (Global Positioning System) as part of your car reservation. Satellite navigation is available at most depots and on most car categories. We highly recommend that you include it in your rental or, should you have your own with U.S./Canadian mapping, we suggest you take it with you when you travel.

    One Way Rentals


    Take advantage of our special ‘one way’ no drop fee rentals commencing and terminating at any two locations within Florida (except rentals from the Port Canaveral depot to other Florida locations, which incur a $150 fee) or within California (except rentals between July 1st and August 31st when (a) all rentals except Convertibles from downtown San Francisco to Los Angeles incur a US$150 charge, (b) all rentals except Convertibles from downtown San Francisco to San Diego or Las Vegas incur a US$300 charge and (c) Convertible rentals from all San Francisco locations incur a US$350 charge). We are also delighted to extend this no drop fee offer to rentals between the following city pairs:

    • Denver to/from: Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego or Los Angeles
    • Phoenix to/from: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Las Vegas
    • Las Vegas to/from: San Francisco Airport, San Diego or Los Angeles
    • Nashville to/from: New Orleans

    Outside of these city pairings, the one way drop off fee is based on mileage:

    • 0 - 200 miles = USD$99
    • 201 - 500 miles = USD$150
    • 501 - 1,000 miles = USD$300
    • 1,001+ miles = USD$500


    We offer complimentary one way rental of vehicles between a selection of Canadian locations, and reduced fees on many others:

    • Vancouver International Airport to Calgary International Airport - FREE
    • Calgary International Airport to Vancouver International Airport - CAD$150
    • Toronto International Airport to Montreal International Airport - FREE
    • Montreal International Airport to Toronto International Airport - FREE
    • Vancouver (all depots) to Vancouver (all depots) - FREE
    • Calgary (all depots) to Calgary (all depots) - FREE
    • Montreal (all depots) to Montreal (all depots) - FREE
    • Toronto (all depots) to Toronto (all depots) - FREE

    Outside of these city pairings, the one way drop off fee is based on mileage:

    • 0 - 50 miles = CAD$50
    • 51 - 300 miles = CAD$199
    • 301 - 800 miles = CAD$300
    • 801 - 1600 miles = CAD$500
    • 1601 - 2500 miles = CAD$750
    • 2501 miles + = CAD$1000

    One way rentals of Economy vehicles are not permitted. Other one way rentals will incur an inter-city fee which will also be subject to state/province taxes.

    Child Safety Seats
    Children are required by law to be transported in approved child seats. These must be requested at the time of booking and will be provided by Alamo at a cost of US$6.99/ CAD$7 per day plus tax. A refundable deposit is also required at the time of collection.

    Driving Areas
    Cars rented in the USA and Canada may be driven anywhere in the USA and Canada. One way rentals between the USA and Canada are restricted to certain locations and car types and are subject to one way fees. Cars rented in Alaska must be returned to Alaska. CDW is void when driving on unpaved roads. Vehicles cannot be driven into Mexico.