Beaver Creek, Yukon

Beaver Creek, home of the White River First Nations and the most westerly community in Canada, is the Yukon’s gateway to Alaska. 

On the Alaska Highway at the 141st meridian, Beaver Creek lies around 300 km northwest of Haines Junction and is 18 degrees further west than Vancouver, sharing the same longitude as islands in the South Pacific. Its location next to the Canada/US border makes the historic community of Beaver Creek a natural stopping point for visitors travelling along the Alaska Highway.

Beaver Creek is home to the White River First Nation and a very small population of only 100 people. Known for being Canada’s most westerly community, it was founded in 1955, primarily as a service community for the highway but the First Nations people have travelled through, traded and lived here for millennia. The White River First Nation continues to preserve a rich cultural heritage and an ageless tradition of respecting the land and nature.

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