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Girdwood, Whittier & Valdez


Conveniently situated only 36 miles (61km) south of Anchorage, Girdwood is a small Alaskan mountain town nestled amongst lush forest and surrounded by the peaks of the Chugach Mountain Range.  As Alaska’s only year round resort Girdwood has plenty to offer throughout the seasons. Winter brings snow and ideal winter conditions great for nordic skiing, snowmobiling/machining, dog mushing and more.  The arrival of summer brings excellent fishing, biking, hiking, scenic flights, wildlife viewing, rafting and more.


Connected to the rest of Alaska by road, rail, and the Alaska Marine Highway, Whittier attracts a large number of visitors during the summer looking for the unspoiled wilderness of water, forests, islands, and glaciers that lie beyond its shores in Prince William Sound.

Whittier has excellent hiking and access to water sports, and due to the influx of travelers, a fair number of interesting shops can be found along the harbor. Travelers will find fishing charters, sighting tour operators, and water taxis available to take visitors into the calm, wildlife-rich waters of Prince William Sound.

Thanks to its location, day cruises out of Whittier are among the best in Alaska. A variety of boats, large and small, depart from the small boat harbor into the rugged and steep fjords that line Prince William Sound. Visit a kittiwake rookery where you can see hundreds of the black-legged birds nesting on sheer cliffs, then explore further to see Steller sea lion haulouts and migratory birds, whales, and other marine wildlife. The stars of the show in Prince William Sound are the area’s many tidewaters and alpine glaciers, including beautiful Blackstone glaciers and Surprise Glacier.


Deep in the heart of Prince William Sound and surrounded by some of the world’s tallest coastal mountains is Valdez, set in a remarkably picturesque setting. The heart of Valdez, like so many coastal towns in Alaska, is its small boat harbour clustered along its waterfront. From there, the town stretches back toward the mountains and Mineral Creek Canyon. Egan Drive, Valdez’s equivalent to Main Street offers a vast choice of restaurants, shops, and museums. Everything you came to see & do in Alaska is all in one place whether you find yourself on land or sea. Mountains, glaciers wildlife, fishing, history, and tours.

Imagine being near the face of calving glaciers, watching huge chunks of ice fall into the ocean as the rumbling crack of breaking ice fills the air. Head out fishing for giant halibut and salmon or simply kayak among icebergs and seals or take a tour and watch the whales. Valdez is also the premier destination for winter sports in Alaska. Challenge yourself on the Chugach Mountains. Experience heli-skiing, snowcat skiing, kite skiing, snowboarding. Unmatched beauty, terrain, and snowfall like no other in the world.

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