Geographically the town of Taos New Mexico combines the high desert southwest with the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains as a backdrop to culture, art, and history. Taos NM is an art mecca with over 100 galleries and museums. Its rugged beauty, majestic mountains, wild Rio Grande river and unique blend of cultures have historically drawn artists and photographers, evidenced by the plentiful galleries, museums, and festivals.

Historic Taos Plaza and its side streets have old abode buildings, once the homes of some of the Taos’ leading citizens and today renovated into galleries, boutiques, and restaurants with many hidden treasures.

Taos Pueblo is the ancient town of the northern Tiwa tribe, located just one mile north of modern Taos. The Pueblo’s reddish-brown adobe housing, built between 1000 and 1450 AD is a National Historic Landmark and a World Heritage Site and it remains occupied to this day. Be sure to taste the delicous Inidan bread baked in the traditional earthen oven and drink the cold locally made root beer.

Ride everything from a llama to a hot air balloon to get the best views of the Rio Grande Gorge and the Taos Plateau volcanic field. Take a ride on the « Taos Box » on the Rio Grande on a spectacular guided raft trip and admire the spectacular views from the Rio Grande Gorge bridge at sunset.

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