Nestled between the world-famous Forty Mile Country and the Mentasta and Wrangell mountains, close to the Canadian border, Tok is the welcoming, first major town when you enter the wonderland that is Alaska.


Offering links to many of the state’s major highways, Tok acts as the starting point for many Alaskan adventures but it has just as much to offer right on its own doorstep.  Tok offers something for every outdoor enthusiast. The surrounding environment boasts incredible wildlife, from birds and fish to large mammals making Tok a great place to visit for nature tours and wildlife safari. From bird watching to camping, hiking, fishing, horseback riding and float trips, there are many ways to experience the great outdoors here. In town, try your hand at gold panning or play a round of golf. Alternatively, there are museums, restaurants and shops to keep you entertained during your stay.

Every year, the town hosts the Race of Champions, a sled dog race featuring the biggest and longest sprint races in Alaska. Known as the ‘Sled Dog Capital of Alaska’, many of the residents have dogs and partake in dog mushing on a regular basis. Meet the sled dog puppies for an educating interaction in the summer seasons and watch exciting sprint races in the winter.

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