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VIA Rail

  • Overview

  • VIA Rail

    • Exceptional Scenery


    • Lower Berth on The Canadian


    • Mountain Scenery on The Canadian


    • Excellent Onboard Service


    • The Beautiful Skeena Route


    • Fall Colours on The Corridor


    • Economy Seating on The Ocean


    • Water Views on The Skeena


    Connecting Vancouver and Prince Rupert in the west to Halifax and Quebec City in the east, through mountains, praries, forests and city skylines, there is nothing quite like seeing Canada by rail. No matter where your journey commences or where you might be heading, your holiday starts the moment you climb aboard the train.

    Stretching across eight provinces, are four exciting routes. Individually they highlight the natural jewels of a chosen region, and, when bound together they form an exquisite, transcontinental journey. 

    The Canadian

    A voyage of varied and majestic landscapes, The Canadian’s four night journey covers the longest route and operates year-round. From Vancouver, it traverses through the breathtaking peaks of the Rockies, over the awesome expanse of the Heartland prairies and past the glistening Great Lakes to its Toronto destination. Onboard, the Sleeper Touring Class pampers passengers with superb complimentary dining, a selection of private lounges, including the 360° scenic dome car, and a choice of private berth, single or double cabin accommodation. Prestige Sleeper Class Cabins offer leather coach which converts into a double bed, flat screen television, full en-suite glass shower and upgraded amenities.

    The Skeena

    Also known as the Jaseper to Prince Rupert Train, The Skeena provides a unique getaway to Northern British Columbia’s wild and scenic beauty, The Skeena departs Jasper and travels through the rugged terrain of northern British Columbia to Prince Rupert on the Pacific seaboard. Its 1,160 kilometre, two day journey offers amazing views of Mount Robson and the Skeena River and overnights at Prince George where accommodation much be reserved. The Skeena offers a choice of two classes of travel. Choose from the roomy seats of Economy Class or upgrade to Touring Class (June to September only), where you’ll enjoy superb views from the Panorama Car.

    The Ocean

    Take a ride along Canada’s historic past and an unforgettable experience into the ever-changing scenery of the Maritimes. The Ocean carries its travellers on a 21 hour voyage from the French heritage of Montreal, along the wooded coast of New Brunswick and into Nova Scotia, to the spirited destination of Halifax, the gateway to Atlantic Canada. During peak season The Ocean offers a Maritime learning experience in its Sleeper Plus Class.

    The Corridor

    The Corridor creates a criss-crossing network from Windsor at the tip of Ontario to Quebec City in the beautiful French province, and encompasses views of a myriad of historic sites and modern city skylines along the way. A selection of routes entwines a web of exciting destinations to visit diverse cultural destinations and cultural cities. Linking a total of 17 downtown cities within Quebec and Ontario, Corridor Trains are a quick and efficient way of exploring the region. Upgrading from Economy Class to the added comfort and sophistication of Business Class provides a more refined level of service. The premium cars offer large comfortable seats with complimentary hot and cold meal service, priority boarding and assigned seating and the use of the relaxing Panoramic Lounge before boarding.