As you embark on your fly drive adventure through picturesque New England, prepare your taste buds for a culinary journey like no other. North America Travel Service is excited to guide you through some of the best food stops in the region, where you can savor delectable dishes, indulge in local specialties, and experience the unique flavors that define New England's gastronomic scene.

From fresh seafood to sweet treats and everything in between, get ready to satisfy your cravings with these culinary delights on your bespoke fly drive holiday.

  • Lobster Shacks of Maine:

Start your culinary adventure in Maine, the lobster capital of the world. Indulge in a classic lobster roll at one of the many charming lobster shacks along the coast, where you’ll enjoy the sweet and succulent taste of freshly caught lobster.

  • Clam Chowder in Boston:

As you explore Boston, don’t miss the chance to taste the iconic New England Clam Chowder. Creamy, flavorful, and brimming with clams and potatoes, this hearty soup is a must-try for any food enthusiast.

  • Maple Syrup Farms in Vermont:

Drive through Vermont during maple syrup season, and you’ll find charming maple syrup farms offering sweet and golden delights. Sample freshly made maple syrup and indulge in maple-infused treats like maple candies and maple ice cream.

  • Oysters in Rhode Island:

Visit the oyster bars of Rhode Island to relish the briny goodness of freshly shucked oysters. With the state’s rich maritime history, you’ll find a wide variety of oyster species to tantalize your taste buds.

  • Apple Cider Donuts in Connecticut:

In Connecticut, treat yourself to the delightful flavors of apple cider donuts. These delectable treats are a seasonal favorite, especially in the fall when apples are in abundance.

  • Clambake in Massachusetts:

Experience a traditional New England clambake in Massachusetts, where seafood, corn, and potatoes are cooked together in a pit with seaweed, infusing the ingredients with a rich, smoky flavor.

  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Vermont:

Indulge your sweet tooth at the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Vermont. Take a factory tour to see how their famous ice cream is made and sample unique flavors found only in the scoop shops.

  • Blueberry Pie in Maine:

Taste the essence of Maine in a delightful blueberry pie. The state’s wild blueberries add a burst of flavor to this classic dessert, making it an irresistible treat.

  • Pastries in Boston’s North End:

In Boston’s historic North End, known for its Italian heritage, you’ll find a plethora of pastry shops offering delectable cannoli, sfogliatelle, and other mouthwatering sweets.

  • Craft Beer Tasting in New Hampshire:

Conclude your culinary journey with a craft beer tasting in New Hampshire. The state’s vibrant craft beer scene offers a variety of unique brews to delight beer enthusiasts.


New England’s fly drive adventure not only offers breathtaking landscapes and charming towns but also a diverse array of culinary delights. From Maine’s lobster shacks to Vermont’s maple syrup farms and Massachusetts’ clambakes, each stop on your journey promises a memorable and delectable dining experience. With North America Travel Service as your guide, you’ll uncover the best food stops that define New England’s culinary identity, creating cherished memories to