The name ‘New England’ is somewhat misleading, for this remarkable region typifies Old America. Comprising of six states – Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut – New England brings together the offerings of superb beaches, majestic mountains, crystalline lakes and acres of lush forest that erupt into an explosion of colour every autumn.

Between them, the six states of New England tick virtually every box for a wonderful holiday. There are glorious beaches, hideaway coves, soaring mountains, crystal-clear lakes, lush green forest, quaint villages and lots of activities on offer. The autumn colours are a siren call for many but New England is a rich and rewarding destination at any time of year.

New England is a perfect holiday choice for outdoor adventure enthusiasts with a wide variety of natural beauty: rolling countryside, breathtaking mountains, sparkling lakes and rivers, expansive wilderness and scenic coastline. Hike the Appalachian Mountain Trail, zipline through treetops, snowshoe on fresh snow, or kayak on peaceful water trails. New Englanders’ love their outdoor life, and you will too!

The diversity of Massachusetts

Massachusetts provides a gateway into New England, with most visitors choosing to fly into Boston International Airport. The modern face of Boston belies its rich heritage. Perfect for a city break, it’s home to an exceptional array of fine hotels, restaurants, shops, nightlife and attractions, and is easy to get around. The downtown area is home to the key historic sites, all linked by the 2.5 mile Freedom Trail; together the museums, meeting houses, churches, burial grounds and even a ship tell the story of America’s Revolution and Civil War. There’s also a thriving harbour, the chic and wealthy Beacon Hill area and, of course, Harvard University.

Just a short drive from the bustling city of Boston, Cape Cod is hard to resist. It offers sandy beaches, spectacular coastal sightseeing and the village of Hyannis from where you can catch a ferry to the bewitching islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.


Scenic New Hampshire

New Hampshire is synonymous for its scenic beauty – from Mount Washington in the northern White Mountains to the ocean beaches near Hampton in the south. The forests and lakes of this New England state offer numerous opportunities for memorable summer vacations in the great outdoors. Welcoming and comfortable, this is an area of small towns, white-steeple churches, covered bridges and the majestic White Mountains.

Maine’s rugged coastline

With mountains and valleys, beautiful lakes and rushing rivers all guarded by those signature pine trees, Maine is an outdoor paradise. However, the real appeal of Maine is its spectacular rugged coastline – nearly 3,500 miles of jagged headlands, secret coves, charming fishing villages and peppered with lighthouses which are a Maine trademark. Here the Atlantic surges past thousands of little islands to crash on to granite rocks. Invigorating, refreshing and inspiring, that’s Maine.The rocky coastline, dotted with wholesome and colourful coastal towns and flavoursome Downeast lobster and blueberry pie come together to give Maine an undeniable charm.


Picture perfect Vermont

Vermont is without doubt one of the prettiest states in America. The red barns, hills, white-steeple churches, village greens and twisting country roads you’ll find throughout Vermont represent ‘traditional America’. In the spring the maples are tapped for their famous maple syrup which is second to none and with the natural progression of nature and the seasons, it follows that its hillsides are ablaze with brilliant colours in the autumn. The Green Mountains offer some fabulous skiing opportunities in the winter too.

Rhode Islands ocean lifestyle

Rhode Island, this is a yachter’s paradise. Whether you want to ogle at the magnificent ocean-going yachts, set sail yourselves or simply soak up the atmosphere on dry land, you will be enchanted by Newport. It oozes maritime sophistication and is as pretty as a picture. Only 37 miles east to west and 48 miles north to south “Little Rhody” has 400 miles of coastline, a great sailing tradition and Newport, situated at the entrance to Narragansett Bay, attracts some of the wealthiest yachtsmen in the world. This little state offers more than just water however, and more than 60 percent of its total area is covered in woodland, carefully preserved in 53 state parks, making it a perfect place to indulge in camping, hiking and cycling.


Connecticut charm

As a result of its close proximity to New York City, Connecticut assumes some of the ‘Big Apple’ cosmopolitan chic while being able to still retain its distinctive New England character and charm. The seashore is a delight – dotted with colonial villages set amidst beautiful beaches and coves; while inland, the countryside is easy on the eye with a landscape that is almost like England in places. There are vibrant cities and major attractions for couples as well as families throughout the state – explore great shopping and dining, casinos and museums and even maritime excursions.

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