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Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest, comprising the states of Oregon and Washington State, as its name would suggest, sits in the northwest of the USA. With California to its south, Canada to its north, the Pacific Ocean to its west and Idaho to its east, it is blanketed with beauty on all sides.

We would sum up Washington State as New England with a rugged twist. It has all the natural beauty you could wish for, not least the hundreds of unspoilt islands, mountains and valleys and the waterfront city of Seattle. Oregon is similarly diverse, full of natural wonders complemented with that ‘small-town America’ feel.

Although a holiday dedicated to either state makes a wonderful choice, combining the two opens up the opportunity of discovering the highlights of both. We have a wide selection of itineraries showcasing each individually, as well as some traversing both . Should these not meet your needs, we can create a journey, unique to you, taking in everything you would like to see. 

Washington State's natural wonders

We love the sheer diversity of Washington State, from eerie forests to magnificent mountains and uninhabited islands. Picture-perfect Seattle will reward you with its eclectic eateries, lively music scene and abundance of shopping. From there, go hiking in the Cascade Mountains, Seattle’s spectacular backdrop, or skiing on Mount Baker. Join a boat trip through Puget Sound, or take a floatplane to the peaceful San Juan Islands. There’s wine tasting in Yakima Valley, the impressive Grand Coulee Dam and activities such as white-water rafting, canyoning and even llama trekking.

The charm of Oregon

Oregon is a state of natural wonders! You will find amazing beauty throughout from historic towns and sleepy fishing villages to ski resorts and wineries. Windswept beaches, verdant forests and snow-capped peaks give way to sweeping rangelands, towering rock formations and dramatic river valleys in this incredibly diverse land. Besides 363 miles of pristine public beaches, high-desert country, painted hills and wine-producing valleys, Oregon is home to North America’s deepest river gorge – Hells Canyon, the country’s deepest lake at Crater Lake National Park, and the world’s second-most-climbed mountain – Mt. Hood, which also happens to host North America’s only year-round ski season.

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