The easy-going Midwest state of Iowa is characterised by gently undulating fields and plains dotted with many scenic parks, lakes and recreation areas, such as East Okoboji, West Okoboji (Iowa’s deepest natural lake), Spirit Lane and Clear Lake. With an abundance of national treasures and wildlife refuges Iowa is the perfect state to enjoy the “great outdoors” whilst offering you an array of fascinating things to see and experience

Rural Iowa

From historic settlements along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, to towns with a rich cultural heritage and distinctly European flavour welcoming you with genuine hospitality. The states heritage can be seen in the German Amana Colonies with their many historic sites and museums and visually the tulips of Pella clearly reflect the town’s Dutch past.

In contrast there are the bustling cities alive with modern attractions and amenities. Visit their museums and art galleries; take in an opera or live theatrical performance and dine in some fabulous restaurants. For an alternative evening, cheer on your favourite team at one of Iowa’s major sporting events. A visit to Iowa must include its capital of Des Moines, which was clearly named by French explorers!

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