Enjoy North America’s incredible diversity on a motorhome or camping holiday, with the flexibility of venturing where you choose, stopping when you desire, and on a journey tailored to your chosen pace.

A fabulous range of motorhomes, including deluxe rentals with slide-out rooms for additional space and comfort, ensures there is the perfect vehicle for everyone.

Whilst motorhome holidays are a popular choice for families, allowing the children the additional space to play during the journey, they also make a welcome choice for those who love to explore and get off the beaten track. If that doesn’t suit you, we also have pre-set routings, which highlight the best campgrounds along your chosen route.

For those looking for a little more adventure and excitement, why not choose to get off the beaten track in a fully equipped Jeep or Van? A true explorer’s dream!

Motorhome Holidays

Sister companies Cruise Canada and Cruise America were established back in 1972 and have been owned by the Smalley family for over 40 years. This longevity means that they truly understand the needs of renters and have finessed their offering offering the years.

Their top of the range motorhomes have been built especially for the rental market. Choose from the C19 Compact Motorhome, C21 Compact Plus Motorhome, C25 Standard Motorhome or C30 Large Motorhome. Large or small, there is an ideal choice for your individual requirements.

El Monte, along with its sister company Fraserway Canada, have more than four decades of experience, so they understand the needs of motorhome clients. You’ll receive comprehensive motorhome rental instruction and detailed walk through before you commence your adventure.

With a wide variety of locations across the USA, many of which are open Sundays, state-of-the-art RV’s which sleep up to eight people, some with a slide outs for additional space, and roadside assistance support, your El Monte rental will be a stress free experience.

Overland Yukon - Jeep & Van Adventures

Located in Whitehorse, Overland Yukon provides once-in-a-lifetime adventure experiences, enabling people to have an all-inclusive road trip, see Yukon from a different light and get off the beaten track in either a Jeep or a Van. Jeeps come fully equipped with rooftop tents for up to 4 people, while vans are kitted out and sleep up to 3 people.

No more hassle packing up gear, or setting up camp. Step into explorer mode and get off the grid into the Yukon’s vast landscape, touring where you want, when you want, with fully equipped vehicles and all the requisite gear you need to camp anywhere.

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