The great outdoors beckons in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and there’s so much to explore. Rolling prairies, aboriginal heritage, abundant wildlife and warm hospitality define the heartlands of Canada. Golden Saskatchewan, with its swaying wheat fields, is brimming with history, whilst Manitoba is a vibrant province and, is home to Churchill, renowned as the polar bear capital of the world. 

Saskatchewan boasts two national, three provincial and 110 regional parks, which are teeming with birds as well as white-tailed deer, moose, beaver, black bear, otters and, in the Churchill River area, bald eagles. Get up close whilst hiking or biking on dry land or take a boat or kayak on one of the many rivers and lakes. With 10,000 lakes in Manitoba, there’s a host of water-based activities, including white-water rafting, fishing and wilderness paddling, with a chance to see moose, elk, Arctic fox and caribou. Manitoba’s Churchill tundra beckons for an unforgettable experience viewing the mighty Great White Bear, more familiarly known as the polar bear.


Sitting in the heart of North America, the central province of Saskatchewan is the undiscovered treasure of Canada. Defined by its prairie lands, aboriginal heritage, spectacular wildlife and unequalled hospitality, the Heartlands slow the pace of this magical country.

Southern Saskatchewan’s Big Muddy Lake region was home to the outlaw Butch Cassidy. Visit cave hideouts where stolen horses were hidden and explore the network of tunnels under the streets of Moose Jaw, used by gangsters and bootleggers during the 1920s prohibition era. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy offers a fascinating insight into the history and work of the famous Mounties, while the Western Development Museums in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Yorkton and North Battleford pay tribute to Saskatchewan’s early pioneers and immigrants. Manitoba’s original inhabitants came from six different nations, leaving a rich legacy, best appreciated at the Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site and Manitoba Museum.


Manitoba is bursting with a vibrant new energy. Its cultural diversity stems from the original inhabitant blend of six nations, which today have encouraged a vast array of festivals, cuisines and ethnic attractions.

The roots of the province are embraced as an important part of local heritage. A living history of colourful re-enactments can be enjoyed at Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site and, named as one of Canada’s three leading museums, The Manitoba Museum vividly portrays Manitoba’s history and also boasts a planetarium, science centre and a replica of the 17th century trade ship Nonsuch.

Visit Hudson Bay’s rugged coastline, as polar bears roam by and belugas can be spotted in the distance. Wildlife watching opportunities are abundant, drawing visitors to see moose, elk, Arctic fox, caribou and whitetail deer. Churchill is known as the polar bear capital of the world.

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