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New Brunswick

Known for their rugged coast and distinct marine culture, the Atlantic Provinces are a pleasure to visit.  New Brunswick is one of a cluster of provinces that edge the east coast of Canada, forming an expansive coastline with the Atlantic. New Brunswick sits above Maine and beside Quebec.

With five diverse regions, the highest tides in the world on the Bay of Fundy, warm saltwater beaches, mountains, rivers, cities and small towns, there is always a warm welcome and lots to keep you entertained on a holiday in this incredibly diverse province. Take time to explore the stunning natural coastal features and discover the quaint, old-world charm with which this amazing destination captivates.

New Brunswick is built on coastal regions, so it’s no wonder that many of its main attractions are water based. Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park is home to the highest tidal flood in the world and at low tide, you can even walk along the ocean floor. This port city is steeped in history and provides a gateway to the southern coast. Discover one of the world’s richest ecosystems at the Bay of Fundy, surrounded by sandstone cliffs and warm sandy beaches, which offers a great location for kayaking and exploring Deer Island, quaint lighthouses and pretty fishing villages amongst abundant marine life. Keep a watchful eye out for bald eagles, harbour seals and harbour porpoises, all of which are local to the area. Alternatively, visit the stunning beaches, hike the soaring cliffs, or enjoy some fantastic whale-watching. The bay is renowned for its twice daily gigantic waves, some as high as four storey buildings.

Although Fredericton is the capital city and is filled with dozens of art galleries and museums, fabulous shopping and great restaurants, the most popular city for visitors and also the province’s largest is Saint John. The pretty town of St Andrews is one of Canada’s oldest seaside resorts, its laid back atmosphere and fresh seafood make it a popular choice. Shediac, known as the lobster capital of the world is the perfect destination to sample the local shellfish and boasts the wonderful Parlee Beach where an array of oceanic activities can be sampled.

The province is also home to two national parks – Kouchibouguac National Park and Fundy National Park, both of which provide fantastic hiking opportunities with serene landscapes for a backdrop. Experience stunning waterfalls and watch wild black bears roam free in their natural habitat.

Swimming and water sports are also popular due to the warmest waters north of Virginia. These waters also provide the perfect habitat for Atlantic Canadian lobster, the biggest of which are found here in New Brunswick. Learn all about theses incredible creatures on an exciting lobster cruise and taste the traditional flavours of Atlantic Canada after hauling and harvesting your own lobster from the depths of the ocean.

New Brunswick Destinations

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