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Holidays To Nebraska

Nebraska, rising from the Missouri prairie lands to the Great Plains and foothills of the Rocky Mountains, still echoes from the footsteps of explorers, pioneers, and plains Indians. In Nebraska, agriculture is a way of life. The level land of the east is ideal for farming, while the western area of high dunes and small, shallow lakes is dotted with ranches.

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Nebraska's Cities & Natural Beauty

Set on the west bank of the Missouri River, Omaha is the state’s largest city and is one of the state’s main tourist attractions. It boasts a world-renowned zoo, a buzzing arts and entertainment district and has a ‘big city’ atmosphere. Lincoln, the state’s capital, is one of the Midwest’s most beloved cities and offers a wealth of attractions to its visitor. Home to fine culinary and artistic treasures; a budding live music scene; breathtaking parks, golf courses and trails; and a friendly Midwestern attitude, Lincoln offers the exhilaration of a big city and the serenity of the countryside all in one place.

The true gems of Nebraska, however, lie in its natural beauty. Early each spring, the Platte River in south-central Nebraska provides a stopover for the massive migration of the sandhill cranes, the largest gathering of this kind in the world. Watching the ritual dancing of the cranes as the sun sets over the water is a breathtaking sight.

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