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Manitoba Holidays

Sitting in the heart of North America, the central province of  Manitoba is the undiscovered treasure of Canada. Defined by its prairie lands, aboriginal heritage, spectacular wildlife and unequalled hospitality, the Heartlands slow the pace of this magical country.

Manitoba is bursting with a vibrant new energy. Its cultural diversity stems from the original inhabitant blend of six nations, which today have encouraged a vast array of festivals, cuisines and ethnic attractions.

The roots of the province are embraced as an important part of local heritage. A living history of colourful re-enactments can be enjoyed at Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site and, named as one of Canada’s three leading museums, The Manitoba Museum vividly portrays Manitoba’s history and also boasts a planetarium, science centre and a replica of the 17th century trade ship Nonsuch.

Perhaps Manitoba’s most treasured location is it’s Arctic, where the beloved Polar Bears roam and Beluga’s swim. This is a protected area where it is paramount that visitors are escorted on a group tour – for both their safety and that of the wildlife and tundra. We work with Churchill Wild, a long established company with a passion for sharing whilst also protecting their incredible area. See our ‘Suggested Itineraries’ carousel at the base of the page for the available options.

Boreal Forests & Arctic Tundra

The best views of this misunderstood prairie province are best appreciated amongst the vivid gold canola fields looking out towards the open ocean, presenting a horizon that stretches on forever, passing from fields and pastures of wild flowers and on to Arctic tundra.

The boreal forests, prairie vistas and Arctic tundra create a natural diversity unseen in any other location across the globe. The province’s 10,000 lakes are perfect for whitewater rafting, fishing, boating, wilderness paddling and kayaking.

Wildlife & adventure

Visit Hudson Bay’s rugged coastline, as polar bears roam by and belugas can be spotted in the distance. Wildlife watching opportunities are abundant, drawing visitors to see moose, elk, Arctic fox, caribou and whitetail deer. Churchill is known as the polar bear capital of the world.

Roam the empty roads and stumble upon surprising activities in each of Manitoba’s unique and quaint towns. Enjoy dog sledding, gallery tours, beach walks, live music or go to the ballet. Embark on a historic tour and learn the stories and mysteries of the Indigenous people. Discover the vibrancy of a blend of different cultures, resulting in an exciting array of celebratory festivals, flavoursome cuisine and unique traditions.

Whether you’re looking for a holiday to satisfy your curiosity or the adventure of a lifetime, you’ll find it here in Manitoba.

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