Arctic Discovery, Manitoba

  • 8 Days / 7 Nights
  • All year round

The magnificent polar bear is one of the world’s most magical creatures. Growing up to eight foot from nose to tail and weighing up to 1,300lbs, they hold a colossal presence in nature. Adapting to life in a cold climate, their black skin is hidden beneath a thick layer of water-repellent, translucent fur, keeping them insulated from the extreme temperatures, and their unique paws function as snow shoes with claws which have evolved to aid in climbing steep icy banks. Solitary by nature, Polar Bears wander the ice alone, with the exception during the breeding season.

Churchill, Manitoba is renowned as the ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’. Nestled on the Western shore of Hudson Bay 650 miles north of Winnipeg, every autumn bears gather along the waters edge anxiously waiting for the sea ice to form. This ice field will be home to the bears for the winter, providing a relatively safe environment that is rich in food.

Observing the polar bear is a once in a lifetime experience, and must be conducted under professional supervision to protect the welfare of the bears and their natural environment.

Duration: 9 days/8 nights

Day 1 –
Arrive into Winnipeg where you will enjoy a relaxing stay at The Grand by Lakeview at the Winnipeg airport. To start off your northern Manitoba experience you will enjoy a tour of the Manitoba Museum in the Arctic Gallery and get a behind-the-scenes tour of the vault to see historic York Factory artefacts. Then dinner is served in the Nonsuch gallery with a short trip orientation. The shuttle will leave the hotel for the tour and dinner at 4:30pm. You will return back to the hotel to prepare for your early morning departure to Churchill.

Includes: Dinner

Days 2 & 3 –
You will depart Winnipeg for Churchill early in the morning on Calm Air International. You will be greeted in Churchill by your Churchill Wild hosts, who will shuttle you to one of the preferred hotels, your home base for the next couple of days. After settling in, you will enjoy a hearty brunch in a restaurant where your local guide will introduce you to the itinerary for your time in Churchill.

During your two days in this historic port town you will be scheduled for four separate marine excursions. These will include a combination of kayaking or snorkelling with beluga whales in the Churchill River and touring the Prince of Wales Fort while beluga watching from the boat. Excursion times for your Churchill adventures will vary with the tides in order to maximize your time with the belugas.

One of your days will conclude with a relaxing dinner at a favoured local dining spot while another will include a gourmet dinner hosted by local resident Helen Webber in her home. Helen has a multi-generational connection with this northern community, going back to the fur trade, and you will enjoy her culinary talent first hand while also taking home your meal in the form of a cookbook from her bestselling series “Blueberries and Polar Bears”.

Throughout these two days there will also be time to wander about the unique shops, visit the excellent Parks Canada museum located in the historic train station, the award winning Itsanitaq Museum or other points of interest.

Includes: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Days 4 to 7 –

Day 4 begins with a scenic flight from Churchill over the coastal flats of the Bay before arriving at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Hot breakfasts will be served daily, generally around 8am and your outings will begin at about 9:30am. Lunch will either be served at the Lodge or enjoyed out on the land. Daily outings may include the following, depending on weather and ground conditions:

Coastal exploration in the specially designed “rhino” (you’ll see!) to the tidal flats and Hudson Bay shoreline.

An immersive tour of the Hudson Bay coastline to photograph polar bears and other abundant wildlife in their unique environment.

An exploration of the river deltas and vast beach ridges in this pristine area.

Staying close to the lodge to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves as the day unfolds, to photograph polar bears and other wildlife.

Appetizers and cocktails are served at 6:00pm and dinner is served at 7:00pm. During the evening there will be an informative lecture, slide show presentation, or informal visiting. Churchill Wild staff will monitor Aurora Borealis after dark and will provide a gentle wake-up call to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities to witness and photograph this spectacular Arctic phenomenon.

Includes: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 8 –
After another hearty Lodge breakfast, they will begin air transfers back to Churchill. Have your cameras ready for the return flight as it affords excellent opportunities for great aerial shots. Today is your last day in the Churchill area.

Upon your return to Churchill, the representative will store your luggage. The balance of the day is then free for browsing the shops and exhibits of Churchill. Local places such as Cape Merry, the Port of Churchill, the Itsantiq Museum, the Polar Bear Holding Compound (otherwise known as the Polar Bear Jail), as well as the Parks Canada exhibit are all of great interest. Please refer to you “Top things to do and see” list they provided.

Your flight south to Winnipeg will take place this evening and they hope to see you back at one of the Eco-Lodges for some more bear viewing very soon! Upon arrival, collect your bags, head out of the arrivals doors and look to your right. The Grand Hotel is located just across the way.

Includes: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 9 –
After a restful sleep you will pack your bags in preparation for your flight home.

Begins and ends in Winnipeg

From £12,295 per person based on two adults sharing a standard room. Includes flights from Winnipeg, 8 nights accommodation and meals shown.

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