We often hear people say “cruising is not for me” – however we believe that there’s a cruise experience for everyone.

To most people, the word ‘cruising’ conjures up images of large ocean liners, captain’s cocktail parties and black tie dinners. We aim to dispel that stereotypical image and introduce you to a variety of different types of cruising. From small ship adventure sailing to luxury cruising and transatlantic voyages, we’re sure that even if you have never considered cruising before, you’ll find something to interest you.

Due to the numerous sailings and routings available and the wide range of cruising we offer, you may not find specific information on routes or sailing dates. Our website is here to provide inspiration and to narrow down the offerings to the type of sailing which suits you. We would be happy to provide further details on your chosen voyage, just contact one of our cruise specialists.

Legacy and Transatlantic Cruising

Sometimes cruising isn’t about the ports of call but the ship you are travelling on. That is certainly true when it comes to Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria. With their richly woven heritage of grandeur and unashamed luxury, a transatlantic crossing or a destination cruise is an opulent experience reminiscent of a bygone era, recalling the golden age of ocean travel.

Ultra-Luxury Cruising

Smaller in size than mainstream cruise liners, not only do ultra-luxury cruise holidays offer a superlative onboard experience, but they will also transport you to hidden gem destinations that large ships are unable to access.  Standing above the crowd are the Silversea and Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Offering the ultimate luxurious ocean experience, both cruise lines offer all suite ships, exceptional service and incredible facilities.

Luxury Cruising

Many describe cruise ships as hotels-at-sea, because of the plethora of activities, facilities and entertainment on offer.  The luxury cruise experience means intimate ships with more space dedicated to each passenger as well as plush suites with marbles and premium bath products. The crew onboard are totally focussed on service, anticipating the need and desire of every passenger as well as the finest food.

Premium Cruising

Premium cruise lines combine the personal service and intimate spaces of a small ship with the choice of facilities offered by larger ships. Generally, the ships are mid-sized, meaning they carry up to 1,600 passengers although some can be larger vessels but are still able to deliver the same standard of service as is found on mid-size ships.


River Cruising

America’s coasts and rivers are the country’s original roads and form a maritime highway that connects almost every major city in the USA. They traverse big cities, seaside ports and historic towns, in addition to flowing through some areas which are not accessible by road.  

Whether sailing aboard a heritage paddlewheeler or a modern, slimline vessel, you get to see places the larger ships simply cannot access.

Adventure Cruising

Taking an adventure cruise allows you to be at one with nature. The small, nimble ships, can access some of the most intricate bays and passages to get you closer to shore and witness spectacular sights up close. The flexibility of not being tied to an exacting schedule means that days revolve around nature, with the captain able to drop anchor if bears are spotted on shore or drift to locations where whales are known to frequent. UnCruise Adventures offer a number of exciting itineraries in Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and the Pacific Northwest while Maple Leaf Cruises offer numerous itineraries out of British Columbia.

Self Drive Boating Holidays

Fancy a more relaxed experience? Why not captain your own boat in Canada and explore the beautiful Rideau Canal at your own pace. Whether you sail up river towards Ottawa or downstream to Kingston, this stunning region has plenty to offer.

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