Erupting geysers, cascading waterfalls, breathtaking monuments, and national parks all come together to create the diverse and picture postcard setting that is Wyoming. A state where there are more animals than residents, you can always find a place to sit back and enjoy a few moments of tranquility.

Top Tips

Take in the Cheyenne Frontier Days annual rodeo for all things western. It's held over a ten day period every July.

If you're heading west from Cheyenne, make sure you take Route 130, the snowy Ridge Scenic Byway. The spectacular scenery makes it a worthwhile detour.

Wyoming National Parks

Yellowstone, named the first national park back in 1872, is still as popular as ever. Probably its most famous attraction, Old Faithful is just one of the park’s many steaming geysers. Often overshadowed by its forementioned neighbour, Grand Teton National Park should not be overlooked. The stunning backdrop of Teton Mountain Range creates a perfect setting to view the diverse range of wildlife including buffalo, moose, and bear.

Inside Yellowstone

With an area larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined, the activities and adventures are bounteous. Take a boat ride out on Lake Yellowstone, hike the geysers or wilderness trails or go wildlife watching.

There are hundreds of species to be spotted here in Yellowstone, with bison, moose, elk, and pronghorn, up to 70 species of mammals, including black bears and grizzly bears, 322 species of birds, over a dozen species of fish and more recently, gray wolves have been reintroduced to the park.

Along with wildlife, the flora and fauna of Yellowstone are abundant and create some beautiful scenery in the blooming months. There are over a thousand species of native plants, more than 200 species of exotic plants and over 400 species of thermophiles which thrive in the steaming hot geysers and natural springs.

Charming and Historic

Steeped in history, Wyoming has preserved many of its original sites. The Oregon Trail, a natural route through the prairies, carried significant numbers of emigrants in covered wagons as early as 1841. The military outpost of Fort Laramie where many of the buildings have been restored and recreated is another opportunity not to be missed.

Scattered throughout Wyoming are charming towns, each with their own stories to tell: Sundance Kid, and now the base for visitors to Devil’s Tower; Cody, world-renowned for showman William ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody and now home to the Buffalo Bill Historical Centre. With so much to see and do you are sure to be kept busy during your visit.

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