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Holidays To North Dakota

North Dakota, one of the most rural states in the USA, is famous for its scenery and Old West heritage. Visitors can enjoy the western experience and pick up the trail of some of America’s greatest legends, like Lewis and Clark, Sakakawea, Theodore Roosevelt, Custer and Sitting Bull. These Northern Plains saw the passing of the big game hunting native cultures when fur traders and explorers opened up routes westward to the Pacific Ocean.

Top Tips

"If time allows, divert along the Enchanted Highway, a 32-mile stretch between Regent and Gladstone, featuring a series of large metal sculptures including 'Pheasants on the Prairie', 'Deer Crossing' and 'Grasshoppers in the Field'."

"Meet White Cloud, an extremely rare female albino bison, at the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown."

Getting to know North Dakota

North Dakota is now famous among outdoor adventurers for its world-class walleye and perch fishing, plus unbeatable upland game, waterfowl and big game. For a scenic drive and interesting art experience, head for the Enchanted Highway near Regent. The numerous metal sculptures along the road include The World’s Largest Tin Family, Pheasants on the Prairie and Fisherman’s Dream.

Visit the Frontier Village and Albino Buffalo in Jamestown where the lives of prairie pioneers are showcased with original prairie town buildings housing many frontier antiques and artifacts. Features of the village include the Kirkpatrick Gallery, the Louis L’Amour Writer’s Shack and outdoor amphitheater, as well as stagecoach and pony rides. The National Buffalo Museum has a buffalo herd on its property with three albino bison, traditionally held by Native Americans as sacred.

The Cowboy Hall of Fame in Medora North Dakota pays tribute to Native American and cowboy cultures, including trail drives, ranching and rodeo. The Knife River area was inhabited by Native Americans for over 11,000 years and today the remains of three Hidatsa villages illustrate that legacy at Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site in Stanton.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park had a transformative effect on the nation’s “Conservation President” and it has the same effect on visitors today. With its uncrowded spaces, amazing vistas, wide-open spaces and views of wild horses and bison roaming free, the park is much like it was when Roosevelt ranched and hunted in the North Dakota Badlands.

Visiting today is easier but every bit as rewarding. Road trippers to the south unit will find accommodations and entertainment in the Old West town in Medora and nearby Dickinson. Those visiting the more rugged north unit will find similar offerings in Watford City. Both units have scenic drives and hiking trails that bring visitors up close to wildlife and inspirational scenery. Relax and unwind under a brilliant sunny sky or under the illuminating light of millions of stars.

North Dakota Destinations

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