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New Hampshire Holidays

The beautiful forests and lakes of New Hampshire offer numerous opportunities for memorable summer vacations in the great outdoors. The state is synonymous for its scenic beauty – from Mount Washington in the northern White Mountains to the ocean beaches near Hampton in the south.

The forests and lakes of this New England state offer numerous opportunities for memorable summer vacations in the great outdoors. Welcoming and comfortable, this is an area of small towns, white-steepled churches, covered bridges, and the majestic White Mountains.

Top Tips

"Ride the Cog Railway to the peak of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. You'll travel above the clouds and see some spectacular scenery along the way."

"Fall Foliage. New Hampshire is known for its beautiful fall foliage, especially in the Monadnock Region. If you haven't seen it before, we highly recommend taking a trip to see the views for yourself."

"The White Mountains. Hike all 48 of the 4,000ft+ peaks or hike the Whites for fun! Either way, you won't be disappointed with the views."

"New Hampshire Maple Syrup. When you're in the Monadnock Region, make sure you try Ben's Sugar Shack maple syrup. "

"Peace and quiet. Although there are a few small cities throughout the state, you can always find peace and quiet in New Hampshire."

"Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in the U.S. state of New Hampshire, located in the Lakes Region at the foothills of the White Mountains. It is approximately 21 miles long and ranges from 1 to 9 miles in width,"

"For the shoppers...there's no sales tax in the state of New Hampshire!"

The Mother of Rivers. Holidays to New Hampshire

The White Mountains & Majestic Coastline

Sometimes referred to as the “Mother of Rivers” it is also known as “the Granite State” as five of the great streams of New England originate in its granite hills. Lakes, mountains and areas of dense forest dominate this picturesque state which has 18 miles of seacoast and one photogenic village after another. The White Mountains provide great skiing and snowboarding in winter and fabulous hiking in the summer and autumn. On vast Lake Winnipesaukee, you can paddle or boat, fish or swim and its pine-clad islands provide a peaceful retreat from everyday life. Oh, and don’t forget that when you can steal yourself away from all this natural beauty and head for the shops, there’s no sales tax!

Adventure Holiday. Holidays to New Hampshire

An outdoor haven!

Whether you’re a first timer, a regular visitor, or a Granite State native, there are endless adventures waiting for you in New Hampshire. The best part is, it’s all close by! New Hampshire has a backyard vibe you’ll be pressed to find anywhere else. Go climbing to the top of a scenic mountain in the morning, and be home to surf the seacoast at sunset. Feel the rush as you swoop past the trees on a zip line canopy tour, or roar through the woods on an ATV. Paddle through family-friendly Class II rapids, or catch a chairlift up the snow-covered slopes and race your friends downhill. The last one to the bottom buys a round of hot chocolate!

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