Signs on the highway remind travellers that “every Kansas farmer feeds 75 people – and you”, giving a prominent reminder of the states vast areas of farmland which are given to grain crops, beef, cattle, and buffalo. Ensconced In the geographical centre of the United States, Kansas enjoys a great number of scenic parks all waiting to be explored. In addition the states reservoirs and rivers offer all kinds of outdoor pursuits

The True Midwest

This is true “Cowboy and Indian” territory. Settlers on the Oregon and Sante Fe trails drove their wagons through Kansas on their westward journeys in search of new homesteads whilst cowboys on the Chisholm Trail drove vast herds of longhorns north in search of the railroads and to cater for the growing population towns like Abilene and Dodge City. Fierce battles over land erupted and this is well documented with the wide variety of westerns which made people like John Wayne famous. The state boasts many monuments to its Old West past and visitors can visit some of the battles infamous forts.

Things to do

In Kansas, small-town charm mixes easily with big-city attractions. From natural rock wonders and hidden waterfalls to large festivals tucked away in those towns you thought you could just pass through and prohibition style bars that you have to search hard to find.

For those interested in aviation, Kansas has played a major role in the history of aviation with thousands of aircraft being built by dozens of aircraft companies since 1899. The Kansas Aviation Museum housed in a grand art-deco style building is well worthy of a visit to explore the history of “flight through time”.

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