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Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies makes up the Canadian segment of the North American Rocky Mountains which extend from as far south as New Mexico to the very far north of British Columbia and these incredible mountains stretch from the Canadian Prairies to the Pacific Coast.

The Rockies are a World Heritage Site, packed full of national and provincial parks, meaning there’s lots of adventure to be had, many exciting discoveries to be made and so much more in these mountains. From tall mountain peaks and deep U-shaped valleys gouged out by glaciers to fast running rivers, serenely calm lakes and glacial fields.  The landscapes are endless.

The diverse Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta combine to create an exceptional holiday experience in this awe inspiring region. We’ve handpicked the finest resorts and destinations to ensure whatever type of holiday you choose it will be spectacular and memorable for all the right reasons!

Breathtaking British Columbia

It is hard to believe that one province can play host to so many incredible experiences. The reason is simple; this immense western region of Canada is home to thousands of miles of lush coastline, soaring mountains, stunning landscapes, glacier-fed lakes and a host of islands, set across six distinct regions.

Awe-inspiring Alberta

Welcome to the Rocky Mountains. This most spectacular of mountain ranges forms the backbone of Alberta, with jewel-like turquoise lakes, flower-carpeted meadows, quaint villages and cosmopolitan cities adding to the appeal. Alberta also boasts no fewer than five World Heritage Sites. The great outdoors doesn’t get any greater!

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Provinces in Canadian Rockies

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