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West Virginia Holidays

West Virginia with more than 200,000 acres of state parks, forests and wildlife areas scattered throughout the state, there is a vast diversity of activities and vacation opportunities waiting for every visitor.

History and heritage are also rich in the state. You can walk the cobblestone streets of a town that looks as it did during the civil war, ride antique trains or visit the restored homes of some world-famous West Virginians.

Top Tips

"Experience white water rafting on the New River and the Gauley, West Virginia, during Gualey Season (September to October), the excess Summerville Lake water is released and increases the strength of the rapids to 'thrilling levels IV and V."

History & heritage of West Virginia

A state of contrasts and comparisons, in West Virginia the Appalchian culture often shows clear links to the European heritage of the people who came to live here. The Welsh, German and Italian immigrants who came to work in the natural resources of coal, oil and natural gas found a mountainous countryside that today offers superb outdoor recreation for all seasons including some spectacular white-water rafting and river expeditions. The Swiss who came to farm found challenging landscapes, and today the farming tradition carries on with the area still selling specialty foods and products.

Outdoor adventures

The forested lands offer wonderful opportunities for outdoor activities, especially hiking and cycling, whilst the metropolitan cities and towns offer cultural events, fine dining, shopping and nightlife activities. Golf is also enjoyed by all who play, not just for the challenge but for the spectacle of the setting. Throughout the state artisans and artists have found a home where they can pursue their crafts and fine arts in a restful atmosphere and breathtaking environment.

Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park

Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park is a beautiful haven of peace and adventure in the midst of rolling mountains and stunning views. This state park has more to offer than meets the eye. The park and lake were completed in 1990 as a dam project by the U.S. Army, making the park the youngest in West Virginia.

Spend a day on the water, boating, fishing for trout at the foot of the dam, kayaking or canoeing. Explore some of the most picturesque scenery in the state by hiking or biking one of the 6 nature trails, or play a round of golf at the signature Arnold Palmer Golf Course.

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