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Oklahoma Holidays

Oklahoma is home to more Native American tribes than any other state except California! Visitors will find Native American art galleries, museums, historic sites, pow wows, dances and festivals.

There are also events which pay homage to the cowboys of history, with more than 100 rodeos taking place in the state each year. The modern-day cowboys compete in calf-roping, steer-wrestling and bull-riding events. The state also has a strong African-American heritage, leading back from when Oklahoma was used to escape slavery and oppression.

The flat, fertile land of the central region is only one part of Oklahoma’s diverse terrain. In the east, the prairies give way to rugged mountains and dense forests. This region, today a favourite of thrill-seeking rappellers, hikers and equestrians, was once a favourite of outlaws. Robbers Cave State Park served as a hideout notorious fugitives such as Jesse James and Belle Starr. The Broken Bow area is also popular with outdoorsmen, renowned for its fly-fishing and boating opportunities.

In the north, the grasslands shift again into one of Oklahoma’s most intriguing natural wonders, the Great Salt Plains, literally an 8,690-acre sea of salt, and in the west lie the Beaver Dunes, where adventurous visitors can rev up dune buggies or ATVs and race down sandy slopes.

Oklahoma City & Route 66

It may be hard not to assume that the farm-life images of the musical Oklahoma are true for the entire state. However, while Oklahoma as a whole tends to be conservative and inspires nostalgia for a simple slower pace of life, sophistication is not precluded. The vision and sensitivity with which the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum were established, in honour of those who died in the 1995 bombing, attest to this. So do the state’s well-preserved architectural gems; remnants of the Oklahoma oil boom of the 1920s and 1930s, which include the Price Tower Arts Center in Bartlesville, the only completed skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Art Deco buildings of Tulsa.

Oklahoma is also home to the longest driveable stretch of the historic Route 66 with nearly 400 miles of ‘America’s Main Street’. Visitors will find landmarks in roadside architecture, including the Blue Whale and Totem Pole Park, on this original highway to the West

Explore the six distinct regions

The state of Oklahoma has six travel regions, each with a distinctive style of its very own!

SOUTH CENTRAL: With spring-fed waters and ancient mountain ranges, South Central Oklahoma is a land of great outdoor beauty. It’s also a place to relax and take time to play, as here you will find luxurious resorts, incredible parks and fun shops and restaurants.

SOUTHEAST: Amid this land of towering pines and hardwoods lie charming small towns and vast stretches of pictorial wilderness. Southeast Oklahoma provides a feeling of seclusion, but its beauty makes it a favorite holiday spot.

NORTHWEST: From golden sand dunes to glittering selenite mountains, a host of natural wonders await in Northwest Oklahoma. Sprinkled across the lovely landscape are towns and cities with bustling main streets, unique cultures and friendly folks.

CENTRAL: The charm of small towns and the wonders of big cities meet in Central Oklahoma. Visitors can ride a streetcar through a lively downtown, stroll down a quaint main street or seek out incredible outdoor opportunities.

SOUTHWEST: Ancient granite mountains make Southwest Oklahoma an outdoors playground where visitors can hike and climb. A fascinating legacy with American Indian tribes and a large Army base also makes it a must visit for history buffs.

NORTHEAST: Rolling hills and sprawling lakes shape the landscape of Northeast Oklahoma, making it an outdoor lovers paradise. The verdant land is home to Oklahoma’s second-largest city – Tulsa, 16 tribal headquarters and a revitalized stretch of Route 66.

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