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Holidays To Delaware

Known to most as ‘The First State’, there is no place quite like Delaware. Situated on the east coast, near the Capital Region, it is a welcome break from the hustle a bustle of the major cities in the surrounding states of Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. At only 96 miles long it is the second smallest state in North America.

Escape to ‘Chateau Country’, surrounded by riveting landscapes made famous by artist Andrew Wyeth’s in his stunning paintings. Watch the sun rise over the ocean at the Great Dune near Lewes and spot a great blue heron as it takes flight from the marshlands of Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge.

Embrace new adventures

Imagine miles of pristine beaches and friendly, fun coastal towns. See yourself taking a tax-free shopping spree at Delaware beach boutiques and galleries, then stepping out for an evening of cutting-edge culinary adventure, followed by a quiet walk along the surf. Envision a land adorned with grand mansions and lush gardens, inviting you all to share the regal charm of Delaware’s “Chateau Country.” Take time to pamper yourself with a spa weekend, or a quiet escape into Delaware’s wildlife refuges, alive with birds and beauty. After you’ve sampled its cultural attractions, dine to your heart’s content from menus created with global inspiration and experience the wonder and diversity this First State has to offer.

Charming cities of Delaware

Think of Delaware as a little bit city, a little bit country. It’s a place that embraces a cosmopolitan East Coast culture to the north and boasts a more Southern-style charm to the south. It’s a state that possesses charming Appalachian foothills in its upstate areas, yet quickly lapses into a more laid-back coastal lifestyle as you head south toward the Delaware Bay farmlands and the beach towns dotted along the Atlantic shore.

This means that in Delaware, you can literally go from a hunt-country chateau filled with antiques in the morning to a walk along the ocean dunes in the evening. It means you can be watching birds along the coast in the afternoon, but still catch an opera performance and dinner in Wilmington that evening.

Delaware beaches

Imagine a beach that’s full of simple pleasures, with an edge of sophisticated fun. See yourself at the Delaware beaches on a quiet summer morning, strolling with coffee past galleries and cottages, or bicycling down a lonely seaside path. Think of the fun the day will hold – lying on the sand serenaded by the steady lapping of waves, knowing the evening will stretch gently before you, full of tasty moments at creatively inspired restaurants and tempting prizes at some kitschy-artsy shop.

That’s the Delaware beach experience, unlike any you’ve had. Each beach has its own personality, from fun-and-friendly Rehoboth to young-and-lively Dewey. Up and down the coast, two distinct lifestyles beckon at the Delaware beaches – the breezy oceanside action and the quieter bayside charm.

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