Ohio, birthplace of eight US presidents, sits in the heart of the Midwest. The sandy shores of Lake Erie mark the state’s northern border and the long and winding Ohio River marks it southern border.

The state’s expanse of fertile farmland embraces rolling hills overlooking the Scioto River Valley in the north and to the south Ohio’s outback, a heavily forested area which is best experienced on an exploration of Wayne National Forest. The landscape becomes steeper and wilder as it reaches the foothills of the Appalchian mountain chain where thick forests are to be found full of waterfalls and sandstone cliffs.

Cincinatti & Beyond

Cincinnati offers a variety of museums, galleries, fine dining and shopping, while Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a major internationally acclaimed attraction. Fascinating neighbourhoods, miles of parklands and a revitalised lakefront image are drawing visitors to this city on the shores of Lake Erie. The state capital of Columbus is a lively college city with fine architecture and several interesting museums.

Although dominated by its three main cities, the most popular destinations in the state are the sandy shores of the Lake Erie Islands with a wide range of recreational activities including boating, fishing, swimming, as well as numerous historical sites and nature areas. The northeast is home to the world’s largest Amish population, a decidedly old-fashioned community who sell their freshly grown produce along with traditional handmade crafts in the small town country shops.

Ohio Destinations

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