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Cody & Riverton

Welcome to the home of Buffalo Bill, the Rodeo Capital of the World and the eastern gateway to Yellowstone National Park and experience the real authentic Old West. Cody has remained true to the buckaroo spirit of the Wild West. Its colorful downtown teems with cowboy apparel shops, affordable steakhouses, and bustling saloons. More than just a gateway town, Cody offers numerous attractions.

Step back in time to the old west of the 1890s at Old Trail Town. It’s well worth the visit where you will be transported back in time to the rough and tumble old west. Whilst you are in his town, you have to visit the Buffalo Bill Museum. From June through to the end of August you can experience the Cody Nite Rodeo which provides 2 hours of real wild western family-friendly action.

Cody/Yellowstone Country is a natural habitat for wildlife. You can view buffalo, deer, moose, elk, grizzly bears, black bears and more on any of the beautiful trails.

Fishing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, biking, horse riding are just to name a few of the summer activities in and around Cody. In winter skiing, snowmobiling, ice climbing are a must. If you are not the adventurous type, experience the Yellowstone National Park in the warmth and comfort of a snow coach.


Riverton sits at the convergence of the Big Wind and Little Wind Rivers which has been a meeting place and crossroads since pre-historic times. Riverton is home to many outdoor activities: play a round of 18-hole golf, go hunting, fishing, hiking or rock climbing and all within a few minutes drive. From skateboarding, bicycling and walking to ice skating, sledding, and playing in the snow; there is something for everyone to do!

Rails to Trails is a trail used for biking, walking and jogging that cuts through town along the old railroad right-of-way. Down this trail, you will be able to view multiple monuments and historical markers as well as a multitude of wildlife and a variety of plants and flowers. The 1838 Rendezvous Site served as a gathering and trading place. It is still used today and is the only rendezvous site that remains at the original location. This area is open year-round and includes walking paths that lead to a wealth of historical preservation.

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