Introduction: Welcome to New England, a region rich in history, charm, and the famous fall foliage that paints the landscapes in stunning hues of red, orange, and gold. As you embark on a fly drive adventure through the historic heartland of America, North America Travel Service is here to guide you through the enchanting experiences that await you.

From quaint villages to colonial landmarks, get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of New England’s fall season. Covering six states, there are a range of routes to choose from when explore New England, so we’ve outlined some things you wont want to miss.

Your New England holiday will usually begin in Boston as it is the gateway to the area and offers direct flights from the UK. Boston, Massachusetts, is a city steeped in history and culture. Explore the Freedom Trail, visit the iconic Faneuil Hall Marketplace, and indulge in delicious seafood at the city’s renowned restaurants.

  • Cape Cod: Coastal Tranquility

Head south to Cape Cod, a beloved holiday destination with beautiful beaches and charming seaside towns. Take a leisurely drive along the Cape Cod National Seashore and savour the coastal beauty. Don’t miss a visit to Provincetown, located at the tip of Cape Cod, where the best whale watching is offered, or a trip to Chatham, renowned as the prettiest of the seaside towns. Should time allow, the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are simply charming and easily accessible by ferry from the mainland.

  • Newport, Rhode Island: Gilded Age Grandeur

Travel to Newport, Rhode Island, and step back in time to the Gilded Age of opulence. Tour the grand mansions along Bellevue Avenue and take in the majestic architecture that showcases the wealth of America’s elite families.

  • Upper Vermont: The Epitome of Fall Foliage

Venture north to Vermont, where you’ll witness the epitome of fall foliage in all its glory. Drive through the scenic Green Mountains, visit picturesque covered bridges, and stop at local farms for freshly harvested apples and maple syrup.

  • White Mountains, New Hampshire: Majestic Peaks

Continue your journey to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a region known for its rugged beauty and outdoor adventures. Take the Kancamagus Highway for breathtaking views of autumn landscapes and hike to the summit of Mount Washington for a panoramic vista.

  • Maine’s Coastal Gems: Portland and Acadia

Head east to Portland, Maine’s largest city, known for its thriving arts scene and delectable seafood. Then, make your way to Acadia National Park, where the fall foliage meets the stunning coastline, creating a truly magical setting.

  • Massachusetts Berkshires: Arts and Nature

Travel to the Berkshires, a region known for its vibrant arts scene and tranquil landscapes. Enjoy world-class performances at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and explore the area’s charming towns.

  • Connecticut: Historic Hideaways

Discover the historic hideaways of Connecticut, where you’ll find picturesque villages, colonial landmarks, and charming inns. Visit the maritime town of Mystic and its renowned seaport for a glimpse into America’s maritime past.

Head to New Hampshire to explore the Lakes Region, a haven of serene lakes, quaint towns, and outdoor recreation. Take a scenic boat ride or enjoy a leisurely lakeside walk amid the fall foliage.

  • Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Coastal Elegance

Conclude your New England adventure in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a coastal city with a rich maritime history. Stroll along charming streets, dine at waterfront restaurants, and soak in the ambiance of this captivating city. From here, it is just a short drive back to Boston for your flight to the UK.


A fly drive around New England offers an unforgettable journey through the picturesque landscapes, historic landmarks, and fall foliage that make this region truly special. From the bustling streets of Boston to the serene beauty of Vermont and the coastal charm of Maine, each stop along the way provides a unique and enchanting experience. With North America Travel Service as your guide, you’ll uncover the best of New England’s fall season, creating cherished memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. So, pack your bags, hit the open road, and get ready for an adventure like no other, surrounded by the natural beauty and diverse attractions that only New England can offer.