Fly Drives & Multi-Centres

There are no better places in the world to enjoy the freedom of a fly drive holiday than in the USA and Canada. Travel at your own pace and enjoy the comfort of a reliable, air-conditioned car, knowing that we have lined up a wonderful hotel for you at the end of each day. Should you want the flexibility of visiting a number of great locations, but would rather not drive, take a look at our selection of multi-centre itineraries which use other modes of transport such as trains, planes, coaches and ferries.

Pre-planned Itineraries

Peace of mind is priceless when it comes to your holiday. North America Travel Service has over 50 years’ experience organising seamless fly drives and multi-centre holidays. We have created a wide range of unique itineraries, which we know from experience, will deliver the very best that this continent has to offer.

Create Your Own Journey

One of our pre-planned itineraries may be exactly what your looking for, or you may find that it is along the right lines, but there are changes you would like to make. We can amend durations, alter routes, look at different hotels; basically anything you need so that it becomes your perfect journey. Maybe this is a holiday you have been planning for some time, and you know exactly where you would like to go and where you would like to stay. Should that be the case, share these details with us and we will create your itinerary exactly as you’ve imagined it.

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