Set and filmed in Oklahoma, the Oscar nominated "Killers of the Flower Moon," has captivated audiences with its harrowing true story of murder, greed, and injustice against the Osage Nation in the 1920s.

As the book transitions to the big screen, its adaptation into a major motion picture brings forth a meticulous selection of filming locations in Oklahoma that not only serve as backdrops, but also breathe life into the haunting tale. At the heart of the filming locations is Osage County, a region steeped in history and natural beauty. The sprawling plains, rolling hills, and dense forests provide the perfect backdrop for recreating the landscape described in this fascinating story. From the windswept prairies to the rugged terrain of the Osage Nation, each location serves to immerse viewers in the world of the Osage people and the chilling events that unfolded in their midst.

Pawhuska, served as a central filming location for the film. Its historic downtown area and well-preserved architecture allowed filmmakers to recreate the bustling town that served as the epicentre of the Osage murders investigation. From the imposing courthouse where legal battles were waged to the dusty streets where secrets were whispered, Pawhuska provided a tangible connection to the past, allowing audiences to step back in time to the 1920s.

The beauty of the Osage Nation also featured prominently in the film, allowing filmmakers to showcase the natural landscape that played a central role in the lives of the Osage people. This is the land that the Osage fought to protect and provides understanding of the challenges they faced in doing so. Through sweeping aerial shots and intimate close-ups, the filmmakers aimed to transport audiences into the heart of the Osage Nation, allowing them to experience first hand the intertwined beauty and brutality of life on the reservation.

Here are some of the key locations where filming took place:

Fairfax – the town of Pawhuska was transferred into a representation of the town Fairfax, where the original events took place.

McInroy’s Billiard Parlour and Barbershop – scenes were shot in the general store, located in downtown Pawhuska.

Liberty Cafe – an appliance store located next to the above-mentioned general store.

Courthouse (inside) – the interior of the Pawhuska church was transformed into the courthouse for filming.

Courthouse (outside) – the exterior shots of the Courthouse were filmed at the Federal Building in Tulsa.

William Hale’s House & the Oil Derrick field – this set was built on the Hughes Ranch, located just outside of Bartlesville.

Lawyers building (Fort Worth) – scenes here were filmed in the Philtower Building in downtown Tulsa.


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