Northwest of the nation’s capital, the Ottawa River surges across Canadian Shield country. This is a travel-path forged by First Nations, traversed by fur traders since the 1600s and fostered by foresters at the turn of the last century.

Today you visit for whitewater adventure, the promise of a daylong rafting experience through the dynamic Rocher Fendu Rapids. With experienced and passionate guides at the helm, you can splash and roll through one of the world’s great whitewater routes—a high-volume, temperate and dynamic waterway that merges exhilaration with natural serenity, and history with heart-pounding adventure.

OWL Rafting are undoubtedly the experts, boasting over 40 years of rafting experience. With their guidance, you can explore the last undammed section of the Ottawa River, or the picturesque Madawaska River, on your choice of family-friendly float ride (a slower option for both children and adults), or high-adventure whitewater tours for active teens and adults. An experienced guide is in full control of your boat during Family Rafting Trips; where you are paddled into Class II or III rapids. High Adventure trips may see Class IV+ rapids. Guides are in control, but everyone paddles and participates in this heart-pounding, big-water, wet-and-wild escapade. You’ll feel the hydrodynamic power of the Ottawa River on your choice of boat (12, 7 or 2 person). This deep-water river is renowned for massive rapids and huge splashes, but in specialist hands, it is still fun and accessible.

Following your adventure, you may be tempted to dip into the surprisingly warm Ottawa River, where in midsummer water temperatures can be up to 20 degrees Celsius, for rafting, swimming or bodysurfing.  Whichever experience you select, you’ll enjoy a memorable day in one of Canada’s greatest whitewater playgrounds.

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