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1000 Island Helicopter Tours

  • 10 Minutes
  • All year round

There is no better way of viewing the spectacular Thousand Islands than from the skies. Feel the excitement as you gently take flight, accompanied by personal narration of the region shared by your experienced pilot. Ranging in duration from ten minutes to an hour and forty-five minutes choose from four tours each showcasing a different aspect of the area.

1000 Island Tour

Duration: 10 Minutes

Take an adventure of a lifetime when you experience the 1000 Islands from the air. Within seconds after take-off, you will see the exquisite sights that inspire people from around the world. See the unspoiled beauty and splendor of the St. Lawrence Parks, the Town of Gananoque and the Ivy Lea Bridge. Take in the stunning views of the private island homes, unseen from the water or roadways. You will leave feeling amazed and inspired with the picturesque scenery.

Boldt Castle Tour

Duration: 20 Minutes

Experience the love and romance of the most iconic landmark in the history of the 1000 Islands, Boldt Castle. Many come to see the beauty of the islands but some come to see the incredible opulence of the many mansions built upon these granite islands. Inarguably the most famous of all is Boldt Castle on Heart Island. Built by George Boldt in the late 1800s, he abandoned the structure before it was finished when his wife suddenly died. The love tragedy of Boldt Castle can only be truly understood by adoring the beauty from 1000 ft above the grounds.

Two Castle Tour

Duration: 30 Minutes

For a truly unique and unforgettable experience the 2 Castle Tour provides everything that the 1000 Islands have to offer. Beyond Boldt Castle, on Dark Island lies Singer Castle, another magnificent estate built in the early 1900’s by Gilbert Bourne of the Singer Sewing Machine Co. These two beautiful castles will take you back in time and leave you feeling mesmerized by their splendour. Experience this romantic tour with breathtaking views as the sun sets on the 1000 Islands.

Seaway and Cider Package

Duration: 1 hour and 45 Minutes

Discover the wonders of Thousand Islands on this scenic helicopter tour. Soak up breathtaking aerial views including Boldt Castle, Singer Castle, shipwrecks, and Millionaires’ Row. After landing at BUSL Cider enjoy a guided visit to the region’s newest cider mill accompanied by tastings and a light meal.

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