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Potomac River And Georgetown Walking Tour

  • 3 Hours
  • All year round

Explore DC and one of its oldest neighborhoods, hearing stories dating back before the country’s founding. Spend an afternoon taking a guided cruise along the Potomac River, passing by iconic markers of DC before disembarking for a guided walking tour around Georgetown. With an expert guide to bring the past to life, you’ll sample a delicious local treat and come away with a true understanding of Georgetown’s place in the story of the US.

Dive deep into US history on this unique experience combining a Potomac River cruise with an in-depth walking tour of Georgetown. While other tours of Georgetown are difficult to get to, we take you there in style. After seeing iconic DC sights, take a trip back in time at Georgetown as you walk through seminal moments of the neighborhood’s history. An ideal way to spend an afternoon.

You’ll begin your voyage of discovery when you meet your guide at the wharf, ready to take to the water. Your guide will give you an introduction to DC as you embark on a Potomac River cruise and furnish you with all of the context to understand the sights you pass by. One of the most touching of these is Titanic Memorial, which was spearheaded by some of the more influential women of the United States to honor the men who sacrificed their lives so that women and children could be saved. Donations were capped at $1 so that as many people as possible could contribute, including steerage passenger Mary Glynn who gave the first US dollar she ever earned. You’ll also lay your eyes on the iconic and oft filmed Lincoln Memorial, as well as the stairs to nowhere that decorate the channel. Further down the channel, you’ll spot Teddy Roosevelt Island, which was once neglected, overgrown farmland, transformed by landscape architects transformed into a tribute to America’s 26th president and avid outdoorsman. Afterwards, pass by the Kennedy Center, covering 17 acres of land, home to 10 performance spaces, 400-plus rooms, and innumerable crystal chandeliers. Then hear the story of Watergate Hotel and how its name became synonymous with the unprecedented presidential scandal.

Following this deep dive into the cultural markers of Washington, you’ll disembark the ferry at Georgetown Port. Your guide will bring you on a journey through time as you discover the history of the oldest neighborhood in Washington DC. As you head towards C&O Canal, you’ll hear the fascinating story of how it went from untamed wilderness to a National Monument under the care of George Washington himself. Awaiting next is a true local treasure. You’ll stop by a family run bakery and the best place in town for cupcakes. Once you sink your teeth into one of these delicacies, you’ll see why it’s one of the neighborhood’s best kept secrets.

Delve further into the historic Georgetown neighborhood. Discover the story of behind the oldest house in DC, before seeing iconic buildings in the story of the Kennedy family including Martin’s Tavern – where the young Jackie and JFK got engaged (after a few previous attempts!). In addition to political roots, literary roots have taken hold in the neighborhood too. As we pass by Georgetown University – the oldest Catholic university in America – you’ll discover how the author of The Exorcist was inspired to pen one of the most influential horror novels of all time.

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