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Scandals And Secrets: Private Walking Tour Of Washington D.C

  • 2 Hours & 30 Minutes
  • All year round

Explore the political heart of Washington D.C with an expert private guide to regale you with the stories of corruption and scandal at the very heart of political power in the U.S.A from presidents to politicos, police to media pundits, law-makers to spies. On your private tour you will:

  • Enjoy the personalised attention of your private guide.
  • See the famous buildings synonymous with American power and democracy the world over.
  • Hear tales of corruption, secrets, and lies at the heart of political power in Lafayette Square, including Kennedy’s affair with suspected East German spy Inga Arvad and how his father involved the notorious FBI director, J Edgar Hoover, in ending the tryst.
  • Learn about the 4 presidential assassinations from Abe Lincoln to JFK, and the many attempted assassinations – and how they were thwarted.
  • Hear about the wild parties thrown in the White House, including Andrew Jackson’s inauguration party in which he slipped out of the house through a back window to escape the rabble.
  • Enjoy stories of how during the Prohibition era, DC was likely, and hypocritically, the least dry place in the United States.
  • Hear all the historic and very latest gossip about what really goes on behind those secure, closed doors protecting those in power, and the various drinking holes that litter the city.
  • End your tour outside the presidential residence, at the Ellipse of the White House.

Washington DC has a reputation as a wheeler-dealer city where billion-dollar contracts, cosy media deals, and political alliances are sealed in smokey bars, boardrooms, and dinners hosted by power brokers in swanky Georgetown townhouses. On your tour down memory lane of scandals past, discover the secrets, lies and backstories behind DC’s congressmen, journalists, military men and politicos throughout history, from Capitol Hill, the Judicial Branch and the FBI to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

On this tour, your guide will spill all the details of the stories of the occupants of the White House – both those from the recent past, including Nixon, Kennedy, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama and Trump – and its nineteenth-century occupants. You will trawl the haunts associated with some of Washington’s greatest rumours, indiscretions and media storms, security details, news hounds, senators, lawmakers, cable news stars and White House officials.

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