Connecting Vancouver and Prince Rupert in the west to Halifax and Quebec City in the east, through mountains, prairies, forests, and city skylines, there is nothing quite like seeing Canada by rail. No matter where your journey commences or where you might be heading, your holiday starts the moment you climb aboard the train. 

Stretching across eight provinces, are a myriad of exciting routes. Individually they highlight the natural jewels of a chosen region, and, when bound together they form an exquisite, transcontinental journey.

The Canadian runs from Vancouver to Toronto, The Ocean takes you from Montreal to Halifax, The Corridor winds from Windsort to Quebec City and then there are a number of Scenic Adventure Routes to consider.

When you travel with VIA Rail, you will experience a pleasant atmosphere with comfortable and spacious seats. The majority of the fleet is equipped with electrical outlets and Wi-Fi Internet access. Economy is available on all routes and is the most affordable way to travel. Business is available on most trips between Québec and Ontario, allowing you to take some time to relax or get a bit of work done. Sleeper Plus is available when travelling to Western Canada or to the Maritimes and provides a comfortable experience. Prestige is exclusively for trips between Toronto and Vancouver, and is where you will experience an unparalleled level of elegance, comfort and privileged service.

The Canadian – Vancouver to Toronto


A voyage of varied and majestic landscapes, The Canadian’s four night journey covers the longest route and operates year-round. From Vancouver, it traverses through the breathtaking peaks of the Rockies, over the awesome expanse of the Heartland prairies and past the glistening Great Lakes to its Toronto destination. Onboard, the Sleeper Touring Class pampers passengers with superb complimentary dining, a selection of private lounges, including the 360° scenic dome car, and a choice of private berth, single or double cabin accommodation. Prestige Sleeper Class Cabins offer leather coach which converts into a double bed, flat screen television, full en-suite glass shower and upgraded amenities.

The Ocean – Montreal to Halifax


Take a ride along Canada’s historic past and an unforgettable experience into the ever-changing scenery of the Maritimes. The Ocean carries its travellers on a 21 hour voyage from the French heritage of Montreal, along the wooded coast of New Brunswick and into Nova Scotia, to the spirited destination of Halifax, the gateway to Atlantic Canada. During peak season The Ocean offers a Maritime learning experience in its Sleeper Plus Class.

The Corridor – Windsor to Quebec City


The Corridor creates a criss-crossing network from Windsor at the tip of Ontario to Quebec City in the beautiful French province, and encompasses views of a myriad of historic sites and modern city skylines along the way. A selection of routes entwines a web of exciting destinations to visit diverse cultural destinations and cultural cities. Linking a total of 17 downtown cities within Quebec and Ontario, Corridor Trains are a quick and efficient way of exploring the region. Upgrading from Economy Class to the added comfort and sophistication of Business Class provides a more refined level of service. The premium cars offer large comfortable seats with complimentary hot and cold meal service, priority boarding and assigned seating and the use of the relaxing Panoramic Lounge before boarding.

Scenic Adventure Route

Bask in the beauty of stunning landscapes and discover all the richness of Canada’s wilderness in a one-of-a-kind train ride, as you travel through remote areas no roads can reach. From awe-inspiring mountains to dramatic cliffs, wide rivers and majestic forests, these scenic routes will carry you away.

The Grandeur of the West

Take a train ride between the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, and the spectacular Pacific Coast in British Columbia. Admire the impressive panorama of Jasper National Park, listed among UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Marvel at sceneries featuring high peaks, cristalline lakes and impressive waterfalls. Enjoy the lushness of the rainforest and the majesty of the rivers around Prince George, and take the time to appreciate the rural urbanity of this city hub in Northern British Columbia. Explore the rugged landscapes of the northern Pacific shores at Prince Rupert, a destination of choice for boating, hiking and wildlife viewing. Wander on one of the many trails, set out for a one-day fishing trip, visit the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Sanctuary and learn more about Northern culture at the Museum of Northern BC.

Scenic Adventure Route

The Heart of the Prairies

On the way between Manitoba’s capital city and the polar bear capital of the world, marvel at the magnificence of a subarctic region where the boreal forest meets the tundra. No matter what time of the year you travel, there’s something to admire every step of the way. The lush land around Winnipeg, at the confluence of Rivière Rouge and Rivière Assiniboine. The magnificent turquoise waters of Clearwater Lake near The Pas, also called “The gateway to the North”. The majestic boreal forest surrounding Thompson – a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and home to the largest marina in Manitoba. The rocky shores of Hudson Bay at Churchillwhere you can observe polar bears and belugas in their natural habitat.

Scenic Adventure Route

The Untamed Beauty of Northern Ontario

Between the shores of Ramsay Lake and the natural richness of Ontario’s northern townships, your journey will take you through wilderness areas full of lush, green forests, freshwater lakes and meandering rivers. Discover the unique terrain of the Sudburyregion, with its craters and black rocks. Explore the sandy beaches, lakes and rocky hills around White River- a legendary railway town, and birthplace of the bear that inspired the character Winnie the Pooh. If you’re a nature (or literature) enthusiast, you’re guaranteed to get your share of thrills.

Scenic Adventure Route

The Richness of Québec Landscapes

Between the European flair of the southern metropolis and the natural splendour of northern Abitibi, this train ride will take you through some of the most beautiful parts of Québec. As you roll through different regions and watch the landscape transform, you’ll experience a variety of sceneries. Rich, fertile fields and hilly countryside in the Saint-Lawrence Valley. An abundant leafy tree forest inMauricie’s woodland area. The thick conifer canopy of the boreal forest in AbitibiImposing granite hills dotted with lakes and rivers around SenneterreKeep your eyes peeled: you may catch a glimpse of a caribou, a black bear or even a moose on the way.

Scenic Adventure Route

An Unforgettable Panorama

Do you love the great outdoors? Get your fill of nature in the west of Québec, with a journey through a land surrounded by forests, rivers, waterfalls and hundreds of lakes. Expect plenty of creeks, cliffs and open areas – the perfect opportunity to find a new fishing spot, bike path or hiking trail. A good starting point to explore the majestic Saguenay fjord, surrounded by picturesque villages and unique natural landmarks. Make sure to sample the locally grown blueberries and enjoy beer and spirits from regional micro-breweries and distilleries!

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