Montreal is a subtle blend of old and new. It is a recognised fashion capital and renowned for its nightlife, superb cuisine and unbeatable shopping.

Québec’s fabulous cities are alive with culture, glamour, history and entertainment, a hypnotic combination of qualities which attract visitors from around the globe. Montréal and Québec City are Québec’s largest urban areas. They rank in Canada’s top cities alongside the likes of Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver however their unique blend of chic French style with a rich Canadian heritage sets them apart. Expect an extraordinary sense of culture, food, language and style and you won’t be disappointed.


Montréal’s vibrant and multicultural neighbourhoods allow for a fabulous and varied atmosphere where a myriad of international dining delicacies and a plethora of upscale, boutique, independent and branded retail outlets can be experienced throughout its underground city network.

Montréal’s passion for everything regional is somewhat inspiring. You can experience local music and art almost everywhere and visit the flamboyant markets which promote local produce. 

Perhaps the only thing busier than Montréal’s shopping scene is its thriving events calendar, which boasts everything from jazz and Formula 1 to comedy, dance and fashion.

Contrasting its urban landscape, the Old Town is the place to find quaint cobblestone streets, horse drawn carriages, chocolate box churches and to explore the city’s rich history.

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