Québec City, the capital of the french speaking province of Québec with its historic district of Old Québec is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Québec’s fabulous cities are alive with culture, glamour, history and entertainment, a hypnotic combination of qualities which attract visitors from around the globe. Montréal and Québec City are Québec’s largest urban areas. They rank in Canada’s top cities alongside the likes of Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver however their unique blend of chic French style with a rich Canadian heritage sets them apart.

Expect an extraordinary sense of culture, food, language and style and you won’t be disappointed. Québec City provides a fascinating urban experience, where the old complements the new unlike anywhere you’ll have ever seen. The Lower Town is a living museum of narrow cobbled streets and 17th and 18th century houses, all accented by beautiful French/Canadian architecture.

This city is also wonderfully cosmopolitan, alive with an abundance of sidewalk cafes, fine dining restaurants, eclectic shopping and stylish hotels.

The majestic St Lawrence River meanders right through its centre, providing wonderful outdoor opportunities from energetic running and biking routes to picnics and romantic strolls.

Whatever your itinerary, make sure you indulge in Québec City’s notorious delicacies, from Ice Wine and maple syrup to delicious cheeses and the infamous dish of Poutine – a French take on cheesy chips and gravy.

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