The Big Island

The ‘Big Island’ of Hawaii is a paradise playground where visitors can enjoy a stylish lifestyle and at the same time, witness nature at its most stunning. Thousands of square miles form a leisure wonderland, featuring breathtaking beaches, tropical forests, snow-capped mountains, and famously awesome active volcanoes.

The southern half of Hawaii’s Big Island offers a different perspective with Kona Coffee¬†Country and the southernmost tip in the United States – Ka Lae. The earliest voyages from Polynesia landed here and settled.

A visit to Volcanoes National Park, which has been described as a true wonder of the world, is the state’s biggest attraction and is an absolute must. Within the national park’s boundaries are a variety of scenic drives and 150 miles of hiking trails.

Tropical Hilo, on the northeastern side of the island, is exceptionally lush and offers sweeping views of majestic Mauna Kea. The flourishing Hilo-Hamukua Heritage Coast, between Honoka’a and Hilo, is a 45-mile drive through scenic byways, hidden waterfalls, former sugar mill towns, and plantation villages. Exotic tropical flowers are in bloom from south Hilo throughout the flower-growing district of Puna. Many of the gardens and nurseries are open for tours.

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