Rail Journeys

Including a rail journey in your holiday, whether a sightseeing trip or a multi-day itinerary, always proves a highlight. Being able to sit back and enjoy the scenery, whilst avoiding any possible traffic delays, ensures you arrive on schedule and fully refreshed.

Often quicker than taking a flight and more cost effective, hitting the tracks is a great addition to your visit to the USA or Canada. We’re delighted to offer you a choice of rail options to suit all itineraries. Some are sightseeing journeys and others are means of getting from ‘a’ to ‘b’ in this vast continent.

Canada's Scheduled Rail Service

VIA Rail is Canada’s national rail service. Connecting Vancouver and Prince Rupert in the west to Halifax and Quebec City in the east, through mountains, prairies, forests and city skylines, there is nothing quite like seeing Canada by rail.

No matter where your journey commences or where you might be heading, your holiday starts the moment you climb onboard the train.

Stretching across eight provinces and four exciting routes. Individually, they highlight the natural jewels of a chosen region, and, when bound together, they form an exquisite transcontinental journey.

USA's Scheduled Rail Service

From making its maiden voyage between Philadelphia and New York in 1971, Amtrak has grown hugely to the point where it now operates more than 300 trains daily across 21,000 miles of track. Providing a great way to traverse the USA, Amtrak connects 500 destinations in 45 of the 50 states.

Whether you are making a short intercity trip or a longer voyage crossing multiple states, Amtrak offers both comfort and convenience. With an impressive fleet of modern trains, Amtrak are able to reach speeds of up to 150 mph, making them a time-efficient addition to any itinerary.

Multi-day Canada Rail Sightseeing

Your rail journey in Canada doesn’t have to simply be a mode of transport from one location to another, it can be an integral way of seeing the landscape as you travel.

Considered by many to be the trip of a lifetime, a rail journey aboard Rocky Mountaineer promises to be a magical experience. With the spectacular scenery of British Columbia and Alberta as a backdrop, every corner turned brings into view another picture-perfect landscape.

Following the historic train route constructed over 100 years ago, Rocky Mountaineer offers a choice of four superb journeys, each showcasing the diverse beauty of Canada’s West.

Multi-day USA Rail Sightseeing

Let us introduce you to two of our favourite multi-day USA rail journeys, showcasing very different aspects of this incredible country.

An Alaska Railroad journey offers an unparalleled window into Alaska’s backcountry ‘soul’. Alaska Railroad takes visitors to places only accessible by train, through magnificent landscapes and to some of Alaska’s most colorful communities. Discovering Alaska by rail makes a great alternative to a self drive itinerary, allowing you to truly enjoy the landscape as you traverse this incredible state.

Step aboard a Pullman Rail Journey to experience an era where the journey was of equal importance to the ultimate destination. Pioneering luxury rail travel by creating the original first-class sleeping car, Pullman Rail Journeys are renowned for their stylish Art Deco design, plush accommodations and superb service. Today, their journeys portray a revival of the iconic spirit of American rail travel, with sympathetically restored carriages carrying on the tradition of style, ambience and craftsmanship.

Rocky Mountaineer’s unparalleled scenic rail journeys in the Canadian Rockies have been replicated in the US Rockies. New from 2021, a beautiful two day route between Denver in Colorado and Moab in Utah offers incredible scenery and Rocky Mountaineers renowned level of service.

Rail Day Tours

Should you not have time to take a multi-day rail journey, or simply wish to incorporate a short rail journey into your itinerary, we have a number of small rail experiences which take just a few hours. They are in essence sightseeing trips, however the transportation creates a whimsical journey which is an integral part of the experience.

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