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Acadian Shores Region

The Acadian Shores region of Nova Scotia is located just three hours from Halifax and is home to tiny villages which hold the incredible history of the area.

History and culture intertwine in this region, telling the unique story of The Arcadian’s, who were caught between France and England as they fought for control over Atlantic Canada. Immerse yourself in the Acadian identity which is still strong today, with regular battle reenactments, festivals and traditional food including Rappie pie, a meal made from grated potatoes, meat and onions, sometimes topped with molasses.

Visit Yarmouth, an amazingly pretty port town located in the southwestern Acadian Shores region of Nova Scotia, just 3 hours from Halifax.You’ll feel like you stepped back in time a few years with the quaintness of the this historic town, with old fashioned light posts lining the sidewalks, unique boutiques, restaurants and art galleries.

Dining anywhere around the Yarmouth Port is an exceptional experience for lobster lovers. The Yarmouth port is located in the largest of all lobster fishing areas and yields the highest catches of lobster in Canada.

Explore the coastline and the cliffs at Cape St. Mary offering stunning views and see the different wharves in town. Take to the sea on a fishing trip or simply sea kayaking.

Incredible wilderness surrounds Yarmouth Nova Scotia setting forth unbeatable opportunities for hiking, cycling, hunting, and exploring the native flora and fauna.

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