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Gros Morne & Western Newfoundland

It took 485 million years for Mother Nature to create Gros Morne National Park, a place unlike any other on earth. A UNESCO World Heritage Site covering 1,805 square kilometres, the park is a never-ending series of wonders and delights, and a demonstration of the spectacularly raw and enigmatic beauty of the physical world.

Gros Morne National Park is the perfect backdrop for all kinds of outdoor activities, particularly hiking. Discover both marked and unmarked trails winding throughout the landscape, and explore the park’s dense forests for rare plant, animal, and bird species.

You can hike the amazing landscape along the earth’s mantle, or climb to life-changing summits. Travel along the water through fjords carved by glaciers millennia ago, leaving behind towering cliffs and thunderous waterfalls.

Alongside the natural wonders are highlights of a cultural heritage rich in humour and creativity – festivals, music, art – found throughout the park in towns like Cow Head and Woody Point.

Hiking the Tablelands is an experience that cannot be forgotten. Here, where the theory of plate tectonics was confirmed, you can walk over ancient sea floor and preserved ocean avalanches. It’s a distinctive red landscape of exposed earth’s mantle, thrust up by the collision of tectonic plates millions of years ago.

Experienced hikers can challenge themselves with the climb up the mountain overlooking Western Brook Pond Fjord, part of the Long Range Mountains. Summiting after a day’s hike, and experiencing that view, is a bucket-list worthy event.

The trail at Green Gardens begins on the barrens of the Tablelands and descends through boreal forest to a fertile volcanic seacoast, where you will see a wonderful array of sea stacks, coves, and beaches.

The sandy beach of Shallow Bay near Cow Head stretches for kilometres. There is also a beach at the mouth of the fjord at Western Brook Pond, and a warm, sandy beach located right next to an excellent seafood restaurant in the town of Trout River.

The city of Corner Brook is a sizeable hub of activity just five minutes away from the world-class ski resort, Marble Mountain. At Marble, you’ll find yourself standing at the base of a 1,700-foot vertical drop that receives an annual average 16 feet of natural snowfall. As well as offering skiing and snowboarding, there are 1,250 kilometres of trails for snowmobiling in the winter.

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Gros Morne & Western Newfoundland

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Gros Morne & Western Newfoundland

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Gros Morne & Western Newfoundland

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