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Trinity, Bonavista & Port Rexton

History, friendliness, and steadfast authenticity are woven into every aspect of the Trinity area. The town offers beautifully restored fishing rooms and saltbox houses, accommodations in historic buildings, and top-rated dining experiences. Nearby you’ll get a chance to hike along the coast on one of the province’s most popular trails. Or take a boat tour and see some of our breathtaking coastline from a different perspective as you watch for whales, birds, and icebergs.

Trinity’s historical and cultural attractions include Lester-Garland House, Mercantile Building Provincial Historic Site and Church of the Most Holy Trinity.

Houses, museums, art galleries, and other historic buildings preserved from the 19th century fill Trinity and its surrounding communities. Find your way using old-fashioned street signage marked in calligraphy, watch a blacksmith at work, and visit the Cooperage to learn about barrel making. You can tour the filming locations of The Shipping News and Random Passage, and rest atop a cliff and look out over the ocean, as did Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore, and Dame Judi Dench.

When Italian explorer Giovanni Caboto (or John Cabot as he is locally known) first discovered North America in 1497, his first words were “O buono vista!” When translated into English, this phrase means “Oh happy sight!”, which is certainly fitting for what would become the town of Bonavista, the historic site of Cabot’s landing.

Small huddles of houses, new and old, sit alongside rocky shores, pebble beaches, and picturesque fishing boats. Dense forest becomes amazing shoreline, frequently visited by whales, seabirds, and icebergs.

At the Dungeon, the cliffs drop away into a mammoth sinkhole with two seaward channels, the result of years of ocean erosion. In fact, throughout the peninsula the ancient past is recorded in the land and seascapes. At the harbour, step inside a full-scale replica of Matthew, Cabot’s ship, and imagine how the explorer felt on his epic voyage to North America.

Catch a glimpse of 10,000-year-old icebergs from the top of the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse Provincial Historic Site, and gaze over the horizon where lightkeepers have stood watch since the 1840s. If you look close enough, you might catch a glimpse of a puffin nesting ground just behind the lighthouse or a humpback whale.

On the waterfront, the Ryan Premises National Historic Site and the Bonavista Museum bring to life the salt fish trade – the cornerstone of Newfoundland and Labrador’s economy for centuries. The nearby Mockbeggar Plantation Provincial Historic Site tells a story of the battle for Confederation.

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