Just 80 miles south of San Francisco, with a temperate climate year round, Monterey is the largest city on its namesake peninsula. It’s rich in visitor attractions including the Monterey Bay Aquarium with its three storey marine habitat tank and the Splash Zone filled with penguins, sea dragons and super sized scallop and clam shells.

Kayaking, scuba diving, surfing, whale watching and beach-going are just some of the activities to be enjoyed in and around Monterey. Golf, shopping, and driving the spectacular coastline to Big Sur are a few of the many land-based adventures.

The visitor hub is Cannery Row, historic warehouses from its sardine export era are filled with galleries, restaurants and other entertainment venues. Monterey is a treasure trove of history. The Path of History, marked by tiles on the pavements, leads travellers along a route filled with 19th century adobes, historic homes and churches. Head to Fisherman’s Wharf to see Monterey’s seafaring past brought to life.


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