Niagara Falls & Niagara-on-the-Lake

Niagara is the home of the Niagara Falls, truly a world wonder. Both the American and Horseshoe falls can be best seen from the Canadian side of the river, which is why the city boasts to havee one of the major tourist attractions of the world.

Although just a 20 minute drive from Niagara Falls, the picture perfect 19th-century town of Niagara-on-the-Lake offers an altogether different experience. Stroll back in time through tree-lined streets, brimming with history, boutique shopping, world-class theatre, luxury B&B’s and glamorous hotels. Farmers markets appear every week selling fresh and homemade produce amongst the historical sites of the town.

Get up close and personal and be wowed by Niagara Falls. Whether you choose to float beside, soar above, journey behind or ride its rapids, the Horseshoe Falls is a Canadian landmark that you must see, hear and feel. With heights of 176 feet and a colossal 150,000 gallons of water crashing down per second, you are bound to be wonderstruck by the roar of the Falls, the mystery of the rising mist and if you’re lucky, the sight of rainbows overhead.

In addition to the thundering wonder, Niagara offers nature lovers plenty of other awe-inspiring options. Hike the Bruce Trail- Canada’s oldest and longest footpath, explore the magnificent Niagara Escarpment- a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, or spend a day of quiet discovery at one of our many conservation areas, trails or beaches.

With a dedicated Golf Trail and 48 courses, Niagara has the greatest single concentration of golf facilities in one region, anywhere in Canada.

Home to the old Neutral Indian village of Onghiara and with a long political history, Niagara-on-the-lake is reminiscent of a bygone era as a booming shipping town. You only have to take a walk along the waterfront, at the marina, to imagine this first hand. Visit Fort George and the Historical Society Museum for a peak into the rich history of the town. Alternatively, catch the latest show at one of the Shaw Festival’s three theatres.

Use historic Niagara-on-the-Lake as your base to explore the region’s award-winning wineries, world-class golf courses and sumptuous spas. Whether you choose to visit Old Town via horse and carriage or take a boat ride along the Niagara River, there’s plenty of opportunity for adventure. Dine in upscale restaurants and feast on locally sourced ingredients in the heart of Ontario’s wine region.

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