In the words of poetic naturalist, John Muir, ‘the mountains are calling, and I must go’, Yosemite National Park is a true wake-up call to all that nature has in store. As one of the first wilderness parks in the US, it still maintains its status as one of the country’s most popular national parks. Although famous for its incredible waterfalls, it also boasts over 1,165 square miles of extraordinarily deep valleys, grand meadows and ancient giant sequoia trees. Visitors marvel at its superb hiking and walking trails, fishing opportunities and the myriad of wildlife which call it home.

Throughout the seasons Yosemite offers various activities and changing landscapes.  In the spring, the fauna and flora is vibrant and diverse and at higher elevations, snowfall is possible. This is a quieter season than the summer and encourages wildlife such Bighorn Sheep, deer, bobcats and coyotes out into the open. In summer the park is full of visitors hiking and biking along the sun drenched trails. Autumn is the best time to view bears that come out to gorge on their favourite treat, fallen acorns and the snowy winters provide a wonderland of icy landscapes to explore. Yosemite evokes an awe of mother natures’ magnificence making any visit a worthwhile experience.

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