Tombstone, ‘the town too tough to die’ is a one hour drive south of Tucson in the San Pedro River valley. Legends of the Old West live on in the national historic landmark of Tombstone, Walk along the town’s wooden boardwalks, browse in the many shops that offer western souvenirs and apparel, then sip a sarsaparilla in an authentic saloon.

Participate in gunfights and epic feuds between the Earps and the Mclaurys and Clantons at the O.K. Coral. The old courthouse is now a fine museum that does a good job of separating fact from fiction in a town best known for exaggerated legend. Of all the Old West saloons & theaters, the Bird Cage was the most “wicked” establishment between New Orleans & San Francisco. Today it’s an odd little museum that will transport you back to the 1880’s.

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