Visitors from all over the world are attracted to the clean mountain air, year round outdoor recreation opportunities, historic town charm and Western legacy of pioneer ranchers, railroad builders and lumbermen.  Some of the west’s most beautiful countryside surrounds Flagstaff, from the Coconino National Forest to the San Francisco Peaks; and of course Grand Canyon National Park and the red rocks of Sedona are within easy driving distance.

There are numerous self-guided or guided tours you can take of Flagstaff and the surrounding area almost all year round. During the winter months the mountains surrounding Flagstaff can enjoy as much as 100 inches of snow so it’s great for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts. During the summer months the climate is almost perfect with daytime temperatures in the mid 80’s and evening temperatures in the 50’s so it’s never too hot to enjoy the outdoor life of this charismatic western town.

There’s a great choice of dining and microbreweries to suit all budgets and palates and for enthusiasts of Route 66, Flagstaff is a great place from which to explore some of the old landmarks of this famous route.

Outdoor activities

Flagstaff, a captivating city nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, has established itself as a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year with evergreen cool, clean mountain air that rejuvenates the soul. This remarkable destination offers a plethora of beloved activities that cater to the adventurous spirit of each visitor. Immerse yourself in the thrill of hiking, where every step unveils new wonders, or embark on exhilarating mountain biking trails that wind through nature’s playground.

For those who seek aquatic adventures, Flagstaff’s shimmering lakes and waterways beckon you to embark on boating expeditions that blend serenity and excitement. And let’s not forget the sheer adrenaline rush of rock climbing, where the rugged cliffs become both a challenge and a canvas for your ascent. 

Hiking and biking are the most popular ways to immerse yourself in the beauty of the San Francisco Peaks, catering to enthusiasts of all skill levels. From leisurely strolls to challenging treks, the region is adorned with an extensive network of trails awaiting discovery. For those seeking a unique adventure, consider exploring the mysterious depths of the Lava River Cave, an ancient underground tunnel that promises an unforgettable subterranean experience. Another must-visit trail is the Rim Trail at Walnut Canyon, accessible to all, who relish the awe-inspiring panoramic views that unfold along the way. And for a more relaxed outing, Buffalo Park offers a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll amidst scenic beauty.

Parks and Monuments

During your stay in Flagstaff, allow this captivating city to serve as your home base, inviting you to embark on expeditions that explore some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Merely 81 miles away lies the awe-inspiring wonder of the Grand Canyon, beckoning you to witness its vastness firsthand.

The city’s proximity to Walnut Canyon National MonumentWupatki National MonumentSunset Crater Volcano National Monument, and numerous other national parks and monuments further enhances the treasure trove of natural wonders awaiting your exploration. From ancient archaeological sites to breathtaking volcanic landscapes, each destination offers a glimpse into the remarkable tapestry of Arizona’s diverse natural heritage.

History and Culture

History buffs will find their hearts aflutter with nostalgia as they explore the remnants of Route 66, tracing the footsteps of a bygone era. Museums and attractions dedicated to Flagstaff’s Native American culture and the vibrant legacy of the Old West provide a glimpse into the captivating stories that shaped this land. 

Those who revel in the vibrancy of urban life will be delighted by the abundance of locally-owned shops, delightful restaurants offering tantalizing flavors, and captivating galleries that adorn the historic downtown area. 

Make the most of your stay in Flagstaff by taking advantage of a year-round selection of local entertainment and cultural events. From classical music to local jazz, star fests to winterfests, and art gallery to museum events highlighting the rich history and cultural diversity of Northern Arizona, there are a wide range of opportunities for every age and interest.

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